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What Is The First Thing You Should Do To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business?

Updated on August 12, 2011

Search Results Show No Help For Newbies

I recently did an Internet search on to see if there was any good information on starting an Affiliate Marketing business. When I say "good information", I mean information that would help someone start their own Affiliate Marketing business without having to buy a product that doesn't work. So I began my search by typing in the phrase "the very first thing you should do to start in Affiliate Marketing". The results that came up were amazing to me. 190,000 results of articles and websites that all had one thing in common, they were designed to make money one way or another.

That is the nature of Internet Marketing, after all. You set up a website and post links on it that direct visitors to the products you want them to buy. But after looking at the first 5 pages of results, I realized that none of those people who were writing these articles or creating these websites really cared about the people who were really looking for help. Their number one concern was making money.

Now I have been involved with Affiliate Marketing for a couple of years now and I remember how difficult it was to get started. There are so many people misinforming you and outright lying to you just to make a sale that, even if you had the answers right in front of you, there's no way you could see them. They call this "Information Overload". Experienced marketers in the "make money online" industry understand that it's easy to make people believe they can make money with no experience because most people are desperate to find a better way of life. All they have to do is paint a pretty picture of how wonderful life can be if you only use their product and suddenly people are eating out of their hands. Until they find out they're full of crap and their product is even worse.

What I needed when I first started was someone, anyone, to just lay it on the line for me and tell me the truth. Not tell me one thing one day and tell me something else another. It was all so calculated and executed so perfectly, it drove me crazy. Why couldn't they just tell me the truth?

So for anyone who has an interest in starting their own Affiliate marketing business but can't seem to get straight answers, here is the truth as I see it...

Affiliate Marketing is difficult until you learn how things work. The problem is that the only way you can figure things out is by trying, failing and learning not to repeat how you failed. It sucks, I know, but that's kind of the process as it is set up right now. Having said that, there were one or two people who I came across on the Internet that were straight shooters and gave me some good advice along with their products I had to purchase.  So I guess you could say that it is possible to get good information, it's just going to cost you.

What If Things Were Different?

Because of the long hours I spent banging my head on the keyboard every night and wondering why I couldn't make any money, I often ask myself what if things had been different when I started? As much as I love to complain about the way I had to learn this complex  business, I have to admit that I wouldn't be as knowledgeable as I am or have the dedication I do if it had come easier to me.  Some people get to the point that I did and just quit.  But I knew there was something to this and I just had to figure it out.

I'm not saying that I'm glad people lied to me or gave me bad information just to get my money, those people still suck. But I am glad that I went through the struggles of having to figure everything out for myself. I know now, without doubt, that I can make money whenever I need to with Affiliate Marketing. I know this because once you understand everything and set up that basic solid business foundation, there is no way to fail in Affiliate marketing.

I guess the point I'm trying to get across to you is that while there is a huge learning curve in the business of making money online, and there is a huge learning curve, I don't think there is an easier way to learn the business than to just go out and do it.  Some people will succeed faster than others and some people will take longer, like I did.  But as long as you stick with it and learn from your mistakes, you will eventually get it. 

There is one thing I want to make very clear, Affiliate marketing is not a hobby.  When you decide to start your own Affiliate marketing business, you need to treat it like a business.  Set up a plan of action, set daily goals and be productive everyday.  This isn't going to make you money any faster but it will make you take things more seriously and you won't find yourself sitting at the computer playing solitaire when you should be designing your new website.

So, What Is The First Thing You Should Do To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business?

I know I've taken much too long to answer this question and gone off on other topics.  I am just so passionate about this business and have so many thoughts running through my head that I don't know when to stop sometimes.  So I'm stopping right now and answering the question.

The absolute first thing you need to do to start your Affiliate Marketing business is...

Create a business plan.

The best advice I can give anyone who is just starting out or wants to start is to lay every aspect of your business plan out before you try to execute anything on the Internet.  Forget what these make money gurus are saying for a second and think about it.  If you don't know what your next step is after you finish a task, how can you be productive tomorrow?  You can't!

So start from the very beginning and research every step you want to take to accomplish your desired goals.  Write your business plan down in detail, step by step from the beginning to the end.  If you can't write it on paper, don't even waste your time going on the Internet and trying to make money.  It will never happen.  Like any business, the only way to make money in Affiliate Marketing is to know where the markets are for which products and how to get customers to buy your offer over everyone else's.  That can only be done if you know exactly what you are doing. 

Yes, This Is My Shameless Plug

Okay, like any good Online Marketer, I have an angle. I have drawn you in, given you hope and now I would like to be the good guy and offer some more free help. Yes, I do have a website that I have set up to help people who are just starting out in Internet Marketing. It is still very new and offers help that is more geared toward newbies than experienced marketers mainly because I don't think more experienced people need as much help as newbies do.

My website is called

The Truth About Internet Marketing

(Cannot provide link due to Hub Pages restrictions so feel free to message me if you are interested)

If you are looking for information or advice about different aspects of Internet marketing, my website gives plenty of great information without asking you for anything in return. You see, while many marketers set up their websites with profit in mind, that isn't the way I set this one up. Yes, there are plenty of links to some very good products and information but there is still plenty to read and learn there without having to buy or sign up to anything. So please take a look around and see if there's something you didn't know.

Before you go, I just want to thank you for taking the time to read my Hub. I wish you nothing but success in whatever you do. If there is anything I can ever do to help please contact me through Hubpages or my website. Thanks again, take good care.



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