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First steps in your software development career

Updated on August 17, 2016

In the era of technologies, software development is extremely in demand. The knowledge how to code makes software developers highly paid and welcomed to a lot of IT companies.

Moreover, talking about mobile technologies, an average user now checks the phone more than 100 times per day, people prefer to use mobile apps instead of browsers, all in all, more than 50% of total web traffic is performed from a mobile device. These facts show that software development is going towards mobile development.

iOS or Android?

When it comes to the choice of a platform you are working with there are usually several options, but speaking about the most popular ones there are iOS and Android. And there are several specific criteria which may help you to choose which one suits you. Comparing the audience which uses each platform we may confidently say that Android has much more users considering how many smartphones are based on this platform. While iOS users are considered to be people with higher income who are ready to spend more per applications for its gadget. Of course, it doesn’t mean that all those who have smartphones running Android do not have those same characteristics as well. Still, iOS revenue models are more profitable, as far as iOS has more paid applications, while for Android dominating are ad-supported apps.

One of the advantages of iOS over Android is that it can get to the market faster, Android apps are 2-3 times longer to build consequently its development cost will be higher than for iOS. But on the other hand, Android has got quicker regular updates and thanks to the open source it gives more abilities to developers letting them create certain apps only on Android. At the same time, “closed” iOS in comparison with Android proved itself as a more secure option.

For the beginners it is probably better to start with Android with its open source and a large audience, but when you have background knowledge in iOS platform considering its advantages and revenue it is better to work with it. But no matter what platform you preferred to work with initially, to move to another one is a sign of a growth.

What is better to know before starting a career?

Talking to an experienced software developer you may hear some valuable pieces of advice that will certainly help you to promote and realise your potential. Here we are going to present some of them.

  • First of all, you should remember that there is no end to the educational process, you can improve yourself all your life and still have a lot to learn. Just remember that it is okay. Nobody come to work knowing everything, even those who have 3 years of experience changing workplace have something new to learn and they also need time to adapt. Student’s life and employee’s life are two different things and if you had time to know it before graduation comparing your classes with internship than you shouldn’t be scared, if you didn’t, just accept the fact and move on. Not everyone is lucky enough to find a mentor who will cut all information for you in little pieces to eat and bring you on the top. Everyone has his own duties he is responsible for, and they are looking for you to take a part of them, not to add new ones.

  • More work isn’t always equal to more knowledge. To accomplish everyday tasks isn’t enough to grow, you should start your self-education, read books, visit educational websites such as iOS or Android libraries in your spare time. It is hard to do especially when you are not a student anymore but it will certainly pay off. All real professionals continue to learn new programming languages and technologies to withstand competition.

  • Many companies may support your willingness to grow with different IT-training courses if you show that it will benefit them in the end.

  • The Web is full of tutorials, guides, outer-directed forums, and technical conferences. Don’t be afraid to ask question and suggestions about what to learn next, what are new trends, and what is in demand. Version control systems, unit testing, TDD - all these knowledge are essential for a developer. Learn CS666, or face the aftermaths of your refuse. CS666 isn’t pretty, but comparing to other programming languages it is the most transferable.

  • During the educational process keep in mind that half of modern technological trends today won’t be even used in the nearest 15 years. Among all the nonsense there is always something worthwhile. You should learn to make the difference between core technological principles and fads.

  • Being young and inexperienced developer you need time to prove your credibility that is why to be involved in someone else fight for justice can backfire on you. Try to learn the rules of the corporate world you living in and company you working for.

  • Think about your future. When what you do is proportional to what you get in the end, then work hard, consider additional work if it advances your career or knowledge in a long-term way. Don’t consider taking two positions and only one salary. Remember that your salary is an assessment of your rank and a starting point of negotiation. If you change job and agree with a salary which is more than a 10% drop off your previous salary, then you must have really good reasons for doing that, like starting living in a less expensive area and is going to live there for a long time.

  • Think about freelancing. If you have enthusiasm and passion for what you do freelancing can be a right thing, to begin with. Many developers enjoy this way of work that much that keep doing it for many years. There is a number of websites that can encourage your startup providing you with useful information about freelancing, besides, there are great freelance communities in the UK, such as Brighton’s the Skiff.

It is just basic tips for young developers, like what to start with, and what is better to keep in mind working as a developer. Right now, you get a lot of opportunities choosing this occupation. In spite of the fact that the web is around for over 20 years, it is still developing and needs people who will support it and help it forward. Being a highly skilled profession yet it doesn’t require any accreditations or formal exams opening doors even to those talents who doesn’t have a degree in the subject, for instance, as for freelance workers. But when it come to hiring an employee to a company with less risk for an employer, graduate programmers find a job much easier. However, with or without degree passionate developers will always find a work to do.


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