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Fish Where the Fish Are

Updated on May 24, 2014

Getting Referrals

A lot of people would like to earn extra money from the Internet, but don't have the talent to come up with their own products or generate huge downlines, is that you? I finally figured out that one skill that is simple to learn was capable of producing all the money I dreamed of and that was getting referrals for websites that pay. There are more of them online than you could ever find, but all it takes is a few good ones.

Where Are They?

There seems to be a new community popping up every few days and some of them even offer to pay you for your participation. I started thinking, if these people all joined because they wanted to get paid for being here, then shortly as they discover it doesn't live up to that promise, how easy would it be to attract them over to something that really does?

Well the truth is if you approach it right, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. The big secret is to focus on creating an attractive profile first, then add all the resources you can come up with to help them solve their immediate problems. Forget about the profit motive, that will come later. Then go mingle and help as many as you can to attract them back to your profile. It's that simple and it WORKS.

Above all, resist the urge to shove a link in their face or spam the entire community with what you think might work. It seldom does and you just shoot yourself in the foot when they find out you sold them a pipe dream. Establish yourself as an expert by sharing ONE thing at a time that will solve a problem for THEM, not you.

First of all, this takes ZERO special skills beyond the every day social ones of being polite, respecting others and offering help where you can. I can assure you there are MILLIONS of people desperately searching every day for something to solve their financial trials and all you need to do is put it where they can find it. If you cherish your integrity and protect it by always being honest, they will sense that and respect it.

What's Next?

Of course this is just the beginning and as you develop your talent for finding good associates, it's natural to add more skills like creating web pages or videos, copyrighting, and many others, but the journey to $1,000 a month starts by earning the first penny. The same is true for all the advanced skills you will need, they will come as you make more like-minded friends.

See you all online!


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    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 7 years ago from UK

      Interesting, thanks :-)