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Five Companies that Hire People to Do Phone Work from Home

Updated on February 9, 2015


This company hires people to work primarily in the evenings and on weekends making outbound calls to people about different surveys conducted their clients conduct. Work can be intermittent – once one project ends, it may be a while before another begins. Interviewers are paid weekly on Fridays, and Westat does offer benefits to its employees. To apply, go to Westat’s website, click “Careers,” choose “US-Homebased” for the location, and click on the posting ID for any jobs that come up. If the job sounds like it would be a good fit, click “Apply.”

West at Home

This company hires people to take calls from people who are ordering different products and services. Scheduling is flexible – hours are available 24/7, and you can choose the hours you want to work on a weekly basis, and there are different projects available. Your hourly rate depends on call volume, but you won’t make less than your state’s minimum wage. You will have to submit a background check, which you will have to pay for yourself – the cost if $31.95. To start the application process, go here.


This company hires people to take customer service, sales support and technical support calls for its clients. They hire in 35 states – the states they don’t hire in are Alaska, Washington, DC, Maryland, New Jersey, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Illinois, Nevada, Vermont, Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire and Arkansas. They offer different benefits, including health plans, vision and dental insurance, life insurance, various types of leaves of absence, paid time off, healthcare and dependent care reimbursement accounts, tuition reimbursement plans, an employee assistance program, an employee discount program, and a 401(k) that Convergys will match contributions to after you’ve worked there for one year. To apply, go to this page to check availability. When applying, make sure you click on the listing for your specific state.

Sedgewick CMS

This company hires people to take customer service calls and also answer customer service inquiries through email. Their pay is very generous – you’ll make more than $10 per hour with this company. They also offer a very generous benefits package – health insurance begins from day one, you also get paid time off, short term and long term disability, a 401(k) that Sedgewick will match contributions up to a certain percentage, life insurance, and your phone and internet charges are reimbursed. They also provide the equipment you’ll need to do the job, so you’ll have no out of pocket expenses for equipment. To apply with Sedgewick, go to this page and type “home” in the keyword box, while leaving everything else blank. Click on the Service Center Associate position if one comes up.

Direct Interactions

This company hires people to take calls from people who have had their vehicles immobilized because they have unpaid parking tickets. The people are calling to pay the fine and get their car mobilized again. Scheduling is flexible - there are shifts open 7 days a week from 4 am to 12 am Pacific Time. They ask that you put in at least 30 hours, with at least 6 of those being on the weekend. You need to have at least a high school diploma and some call center experience, and you also need to be able to pass a background check. This is an independent contractor position, so there are no benefits available. To apply with Direct Interactions, go to this website, choose “work at home,” then fill out the application for the position you’re interested in. If the company thinks you’re a good fit, they’ll contact you for an interview.


These are just a few of the companies that hire people to work from home on the phone - stay tuned for hubs on companies that hire people for more specific types of work from home phone jobs. And if you're interested in more information on companies that hire for different work frome home phone jobs, be sure to check out my eBook on Amazon.


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