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Five Mistakes 4 Avoided 1 Rewarded

Updated on February 8, 2010

Why can't I fly??

How to be rich?
How to be rich?

First encounter-Avoided

It was my 10th standard, and in those days 10th standard was considered to be….what shall I say..kinda having two wings of eagle and four legs of an elephant.

Ya..u gotta do something baby! So I wasn’t an exception and how not to be an exception? Do something with earning pocket money (LOL—am I not still doin that u think?)

Well I started searching newspapers like searching pin in the jungle and ended up with an eye catching offer..”earn from home”

So? Shall I give it a way. Jump into the wagon.

Once I reached the place, I saw some confused faces like mine and some impressive men in suites.

After a long wait I could not figure out the reason for the gathering and with the excitement of getting the Treasure Island I along with all the confused and bright faces entered a hall meant for some meeting.

Once we all settled down….a speaker asked the man standing behind to close the door and not to allow anyone to exit the room (I wondered normally it should be the other way around).

Anyways the speaker revealed the truth “The famous (may be the opposite) Chain Business”.

You invest huge money…get 2 people under you…those 2 people will make 4...those 4 will make 8...those 8 will make …God knows where it ends.

And in return you will get royalty from the amount invested by the people joining my network of tree.

A stage managed gathering where the bright faces are part of the exercise.

Uncountable questions (numbers may be same as number of my hair..Ooops that’s too many) started hitting my cerebral. And being afraid of not finding the answers of so many questions I taken a quite call.


The Chain Business

Howz that tree business?
Howz that tree business?

Second lifeline

It was again after my 12th standard exam…….One of my semi closest friend suddenly became arrogantly taunting towards his own friends (Obviously I was one of the party at receiving end)

What he started saying?

Hey guys..U ppl couldn’t yet buy a computer? Shame..I goanna buy one soon..In a couple of months for sure.

I am going to buy the Harley Davidson pretty soon…Yo.

Naturally Poor friends of him like me rolled our eyes and mouth wide open…asked “How?”

The answer was “Chain Business” You come under me..u get 2 more guys…those 2 makes 4..those 4 makes 8…and those 8 makes…god knows where it ends.

Once he completed the description of the map to the Treasure Island…his gospel poured in.

What will u do huh? Jobs? Not gettable…Start it early dude…And end up reach soon like im going to be..OHHHHH…shurrrrrap(in my mind).


You earn from your team mates

Expand the family
Expand the family

Third escape

When I completed my 4 years of engineering the world was trembling by the Al-Qaeda’s plane attack+Saddam’s roar+Afghan Talibani Plots= Job uncertainty here in homeland.

Suddenly started seeing a group of my graduation friends going out of the Hostel suited booted and that too without a most wanted JOB.

Never had to ask them…but their secret plan was supposed to reach fellow hostelites intentionally and organized by the same group…But what was that?

“Chain Business”---1->2->4->8->God knows where it ends…

And the familiar gospel… Where will you get a job? Invest in it and gain advantages of other’s investments under you…Start now..End up rich soon.

We are all rich, The whole world is rich by now.

Play the earning game
Play the earning game

Oooo The big recession

Anyways by this time… I crossed another milestone…my first JOB…Then came the recent economic recession like a Tiger running after innocent dears (Like us) and we started fleeing to save life like we see on discovery channel. And naturally again met the same element that bullied me when ever my future looked really sad.

While running…suddenly got a call from my colleague and he offered me a business proposal on phone and promised to discuss at some other time in detail.

The first question I asked him was “Dude! Have you already invested?”

He kept quiet a little and then replied “Yes” and what is it?

 “Chain Business”” He replied.

This time the company is reputed and determined “Gold Coast Chain Business”

Get gold coins…unique in the world and sell it in antique value to the world and obviously

1->2->4->8->God know where that ended so far…(Though if you search in Google, you will find the CEO ended up in some jail).

The ultimate rewarding game-Caution

Isn't that a fair game?
Isn't that a fair game?


I could never find the answer of why didn’t I do the business and why should I have done it either..

But got one answer..all the friends of mine who at some point of time was under the influence of the gospel…did not encash it either.

However my 5th mistake was bit different…

My friend shown me the road to Treasure Island again(and I started to walk on the road to it)

What is it? “Share Market/Equity Market”

This time too a lot of question hit my brain like “If all win then who loses?” and “If all looses then who wins?”

And most importantly “if all looses then why do they do it?” Never found the answer but jumped into it.

But this mistake really rewarded me some easy cash…So this was in a way a dream come true, Because everybody wants some easy things and easy cash...However rich he might be. It’s a joy of getting the ungettable.


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    • Imagin profile image

      Imagin 8 years ago from Amsterdam

      Thanks Sundeep

    • profile image

      Sundeep 8 years ago

      he he he... nice one!

      what next ??