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Five Reasons on Why You Are Not a Freelancer but an Entrepreneur

Updated on May 8, 2019
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Prachi has been working as a freelance writer since 2012. When not writing, she helps people with web designing and development.


Leaving your job and deciding to pursue your career into entrepreneurship is much more than just setting up a website or doing some paperwork. For most of the rising entrepreneurs, the noticeable change comes not when you leave your job, but when you develop your mindset from working as an employee to having your own business.

Working towards entrepreneurial goals give you success only with the right mindset. As the saying goes, "Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it". It means if you are mentally set for your dreams, you are already halfway through.
To help you out with the same, here are some tips to get you through your journey.

1. You are a Business Owner not an Employee

You are not a worker for your clients, neither in the form of freelance writer nor in the form of web developer and nor in any other way. You are the service provider, a true businessman/ businesswoman who helps their clients in completing the projects, increasing the sales and gaining more traffic. The more you change your style of doing work and bring more modification in you language, the better will be your mindset as an entrepreneur.

2. Your Client is not Your Boss

It may take a while to understand what does it all mean, whether you are getting hired by the clients or you are managing their business. You are surely not looking for a job, nor you want to work with someone full time on their terms. You work on your terms, on your demanded bid. You are looking for clients (or vice-versa), who can get profit from the service you provide.
There is complete control on the type of businesses or individuals, you want to work with. You have no restrictions and conditions. Once you get over the sentence "getting hired", there is immense flow of possibility for you to be your own boss.
As you know, after your successful service completion, clients come to you to ask for your service on your decided bid.

3. Value Your Skills

Never overthink or get nervous about placing a higher bid. You must understand your values and the importance of your skills. You are not employee, whose amount of work gets hidden behind the amount of cash they receive. For an employee, it happens several time that their employers do not give much thoughts about their value and just give them the pre-defined salary.
As a freelancer or I must say as a Business Owner, your price is based on your kind of service, the time you take to accomplish a project and what values you bring to the clients' job. These three things help you decide your final bid.
This is the place where you apply your experience to help the businesses and individuals to meet their goals. For instance, if you have couple of years of experience in writing and also worked as a lead developer at an IT company, you are bringing that knowledge to the help for other businesses and individuals to get their job completed.
When you start valuing your skills and know how much you worth, you stop worrying about the charges you ask for.

4. Going out of Your Comfort Zone is the New Way of Being Comfortable

Do you hesitate while bringing new projects on the table? Do you lack skills in sales? or Do you hate pitching? If yes, then this is the time to make it happen and get out of your comfort zone. This may make you a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but believe it, this is the only way to get more comfortable, making you stand on your own foot.
You are not an employee anymore, you do not wait for the tasks to come to your table. You are now an entrepreneur, you are selling yourself to make your business stronger. For this, lots of hustle need to be made to get on the right track.

5. You stand alone with no one by your side

Getting hired and working for an employer is alluring and surely not a tough task as you do not have to put enough mind on what you should do and what you should not. It is important to understand that every business, whether in its starting stage or already going strong has its own downfall and profit. No business is strong, nor any business is week enough, it all depends on your mind. It all depends on you what you bring out of it (business). Never leave behind your ideas and get back to that old days of desk job.
As an entrepreneur, you are your own master, your thoughts are your own, you rule over them. But with this golden rule, it has its own bad side, which is the harsh truth of being standing alone, no one will ever come to save you. From beginning and till the end, it will always be only you. The level of success is determined for how long you can survive, once you become self-reliant, it's not impossible and it never was.
You have to have a plan in place to prioritize all of the tasks you need to complete and understand that your ultimate success or failure relies on how hard you’re willing to work.

Who is Better, Employee or Entrepreneur?

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