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Five Ways To Make Money With Your Blog

Updated on August 25, 2009

If you like to write on the web, you probably has been attracted by the prospects of making money with your blog. The vast majority of people writing blogs have no clear idea of how to profit from this activity. This just means that they will stop working on their blogs after some time, because there is no economical incentive to continue.

This all means that if you really like blogging, you should try to profit from it, because otherwise you will be forced to stop for one reason or another.

During the time I spent writing online, I found five easy ways that you can use to profit from blogs, that you should be using right now.

Ways to Profit From Your Blog

Technique #1: use the real no-brainer: have adsense enable on your blog. Everybody knows it, yet many fail to act. Use Adsense to monetize whatever you are writing. It is easy, you can do it within less thanĀ  a minute, and Google will do all the heavy lifting for you. You should quick yourself whenever you write something that could draw the attention of people and you don't use Adsense on it. Most adsense ads are pretty good, and Google is continuously working on improving the quality of the mach between your content and the ads shown. By doing this you are even providing real value for your readers.

Technique #2: use Adsense wisely. Here is the second idea, you must optimize your page so that Adsense is effective. What this means is that it doesn't matter if you have adsense but it is hidden somewhere in your page where it can never be seen. The adsense should be the first area of the page that users see, and then they will start interacting with your page.

Technique #3: Check better opportunities with direct affiliate links. There are many products that can be very beneficial to your audience. If you do some research, many of these products will also have an affiliate link. You could use this opportunity to offer something of value to your viewers and at the same time profit from it.

Technique #4: Write reviews for products that you use. There are several products that might be beneficial for your readers, but that they don't have time to try. Since your want to provide a service to them, you could review these products for a fee. Many companies are willing to pay for review posts from well established blogs. You should consider such opportunities carefully.

Technique #5: have a payed newsletter. If you become really well known as a blogger, people will probably want to hear your opinions on the topic you cover. With a paid newsletter you can go into greater depth, and provide additional services for your readers. It is really a great opportunity to write something more substantial and provide a bonus to your best readers.

If you have interest in other ways to make money on the web, you might be interested in sign up for this newsletter. It has lots of tips for making money with your skills.


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