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Five Ways to Improve Office Morale

Updated on December 28, 2017

Everybody knows that office morale is a key component of high productivity—a discouraged or demoralized team is not going to produce their best work. If the fundamentals of your company are sound, but your employees still seem listless, uninspired, or stressed, there are some simple steps you can take to boost morale.

1. Maintain a clean, comfortable environment: When everyone is focused on the task at hand, they may end up neglecting the basics of a healthy workplace. Full-time workers spend about half their waking hours at work—who wouldn’t be happier spending all that time someplace pleasant? Be stickler for proper maintenance. Burned out or flickering lights should be taken care of instantly, bathrooms should be spotless and fully stocked with paper goods, and heating or air conditioning should maintain a comfortable temperature year-round.


2. Take a break: Dedicated employees will often work through the breaks they should be taking or eat lunch at their desk. Over time, this leads to burnout. Encourage your employees to take the time they need to recharge. Provide an attractive break room for those who would prefer to stay in the office during their down time to invite them to make a change of scenery an integral part of their day. Most importantly, if you’re the boss, be sure you lead by example!


3. Treat them: As a way to show appreciation, providing a station for coffee and/or snacks is a sure crowd-pleaser. Single-serving coffee makers like a Keurig or Nespresso make it easy to stock your station with many different options for your employees to enjoy. They’ll appreciate the convenience, and besides encouraging those all-important breaks, your coffee station will give your employees an opportunity to mingle.


4. Say it with flowers: Flowers are a beautiful way to improve both the physical environment of the office and your team’s mood. Having natural elements such as flowers in your work space reduces stress and inspires creativity. Many florists offer subscription services to regularly provide fresh arrangements, varying the display with seasonal selections and making sure your office always has something new to enjoy. While some businesses may see flowers as a way to improve the aesthetics of their office to impress clients, according to floral design experts at Rachel Cho Floral Design, the real benefits (including improved air quality) are to the people who see them every day—your employees!


5. Add some color: Psychologists have long studied the effect of color on mood. While an all-white or pale neutral color scheme may seem crisp and clean, it may not be beneficial to your well-being. Do a little research into which colors enhance different types of work, and consider repainting key parts of your office to produce the effect you’d like. Also, add some colorful artwork throughout your office for visual variety. Attention to the attractiveness of your space shows your team that you care about their environment and about them.


No matter what steps you take, the best thing you can do for office morale is to demonstrate that the welfare of your staff is a high priority. When employees feel that you care, they’re more willing to give you their best work, and to feel happy doing it.


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