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Five grooming tips for professional and practical people

Updated on July 30, 2011

Stay happy – your life depends on it

Staying happy is the state of mind that all depends on you if you really want to stay happy. No one can make you feel unhappy until you allow them to do so. This is one of the biggest facts of life that staying happy can really enhance your personality and make you look good, healthy and fresh.

For the sake of an argument let’s say you have an interview tomorrow for a job that you have been wishing since your childhood. If you just enter the interview room with a smile then it can make your interviewer think positively about you. Always keep your attitude positive towards life and people. Speak more politely, calmly and gently. Try to stay in good company with those who are cheerful and honest and always appreciate others who really deserve it and accept appreciation from others happily. 

The people who have a habit of criticizing can divert your mind towards negative thoughts. Try to enjoy this gifted life and nature and stay happy from inside as much as you can.

Look good – or be part of the Nurd crowd

The most important part of grooming is to look good. Make your own image in mind and then strive to just maintain that image. That image will help you find what looks best on you and how you want to go with it.

Keep yourself updated with all new trends and fashion. Every now and then go for window shopping it will help you find more fashionable and trendy stuff that can be clothes or accessories or may be shoes. Do your best to buy and wear stuff that suits you best and looks absolutely stunning on you.

Do visit salon after every two weeks it’s good for both men and women. Get a nice haircut that suits your face cut. Use conditioner for it works as a sun block for hair, oiling hair also makes them look healthy and shiny. Get yourself a manicure, pedicure and facial just to make you look polished and suave.

It is highly recommended for men to keep themselves shaved or if bearded keep it neat and stylish. Take bath every day and wear some nice and soft fragrant perfumes.

Eat healthy – or die starving

Eat healthy to look fit try to add more fruits and vegetables in your diet and drink water as much as you can. Always sleep well so that you don’t ever get dark circles around your eye. It will give a very dull impression on others. Another most important thing to stay healthy is to exercise daily.

Be confident – your personality exudes how you feel

Try to give some time thinking about yourself it will help you learn about who you really are and what are your strength and weakness. And never underestimate your capabilities just trust yourself. No one knows you better than yourself.

Try to make eye contact with everyone it will bring confidence in you. If you want to learn how to make an eye contact and look more confident just stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself as you are giving interview to yourself this will really help you in gaining good confidence.

Lookout for gesture and posture – rather than floppy and directionless.

The first impression that you can make on other depends on how you sit and stand and more importantly your body language. Posture indicates attitude and confidence so look out for it while talking to somebody either casually or formally.

People may perceive your postures and gestures either as a positive or negative attitude so be expressive in every way. While giving an interview always sit straight in relaxed professional manner avoid nervous gestures and use hands appropriately.


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