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Top Five Interview Mistakes

Updated on January 13, 2016

#1- Make sure that what is on your resume/application is what is coming out of your mouth, vice versa. I recently went on an interview that I thought was going to go fairly well. I dotted my i’s and crossed all my t’s. That was until I was asked about why I resigned from my last “on call” low paying job. I stated “it was conflicting with my days for school”. When in fact, I resigned a month before I started school. I wasn’t intentionally lying, because in reality I did quit for school appointments. I was constantly having to reschedule or tell this employer no. I didn’t want them to eventually let me go, because I couldn’t meet their whims, so I resigned on good terms. But to this perspective employer, because the dates didn’t match, I had lied.

#2- Wear comfortable shoes; don’t listen to advice that tells you to wear the latest trend etc. to impress perspective employers. Why? Because you'll end up uncomfortable which just adds to your stress. On my last interview, I decided to wear really nice dressy sandals with my new capri’s. I had decided to dress down a bit from my usual power suit for this interview. I ended up one big hot mess. My sandal strap broke and I had to run to a discount store and buy sandals that didn't fit right. If you want to tempt fate and wear a trendy shoe, bring a back up pair.

#3- Get a good two nights sleep before the interview. I was awake most of the night going over interview questions and my interviewer didn’t ask any of them. In fact she had 5 pages of questions that I had never been asked before. It became obvious to me afterward that they were looking for a particular personality fit. I was asked, “If you could be any fictional character in history who would it be”? I paused for a long time on that as I don’t do fantasy and very little fiction. I ended up no doubt really messing up when I asked if it could be someone not fictional. I think my answer should have been faster to show I can think on my feet and I should have just said the Bionic Woman. I blame a lot of my hesitation on the fact I was really tired, really really tired.

#4- Plan for the unexpected. I certainly should have, as noted above, a personality interview? Who would have thought? I was interviewing for a job in accounting, an internship for three months. The last thing I would have ever expected was the type of interview I had. Poor planning caused me to pause too many times, I was caught off guard by the questions.

#5- Don't elaborate, just answer the question.I find when I am nervous I blather on about nonsensical things. Some of those things might be red flags to the interviewer. I don’t mean for you to be cut and dried with your remarks but don’t add to them. Don’t, I repeat don’t offer out too many personal things. Keep it simple.

Good Luck!


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