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Fiverr tips for new sellers

Updated on July 27, 2016

How to start your fiverr business

Fiverr is now packed with millions of Top Rated Sellers. So it is really tough for new sellers to crank up their business. However, listed below are top 4 tips that can help you in starting a success fiverr business.

1 Complete Your Profile

You might be surprised to know that almost 90% fiverr sellers leave their profile uncompleted; probably they have 100 orders in queue so they think completing profile is wasting of their valuable time :) However, if you want to go ahead of those 90% sellers, complete your profile right away. You will surely be surprised to know that Fiverr loves those sellers who make their profile 100% completed.

2 Use A Nice Profile Picture

Everybody loves to deal with beautiful sellers and that is why employers always run after the good looking dudes. So use one of your best looking photos as your fiverr profile picture. You can also use an avatar or logo that reflects your services.

3 Google Key Words Finder

You probably read thousands articles that are saying “Use An SEO Title”, right? Well, your title brings you visitors in your gig. So be certain you are using an SEO title. Here is an example, if you are an article writer, never use a title like “I will write a Killer article”, nobody looks for a killer article, what people want is Unique article or SEO article. So don’t use fancy words, use the words that are commonly searched by people. You can use Google keyword finder to find out what words are being highly searched.

4 Write A Professional Description

Finally, write a description that highlights your service. That implies why your service is better than others. You can also use some promising words just at the rock bottom of your gig. Using promising words will give your buyers a strong feel of confidence.

Fiverr is now a highly trafficked freelance-market. So you may face a hard competition in making success there. So be strategic, find new ways, and work on.


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