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Fix it - A simple business idea

Updated on May 20, 2015

3D printer

Main idea

Buy a 3D printer and open a little minimalist shop where you can take your broken objects and hire a molds designer to re-design your part, and print it.

Minimalist space


This would be very useful if you had a broken part of a machine that is very expensive, or that you cannot find that part anywhere else.

That also works if your client is a collector, and has some broken objects, you could just restore them.

Fixed Costs

  • Space Rent
  • Molds designer salary
  • Business opening license
  • Electricity

Variable costs

  • PLC Plastic price (depending on the quantity)


  • You could use GoFundMe to help you paying the rent or buying a 3D printer


  • Price of the PLC you waste minus the price you charge for each “recovered” part.

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