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Flow State- How to be on high for free?

Updated on August 2, 2011





I’m absolutely sure for that you know this feeling, when you are just productive and effective in work – without experimenting with strange herbs ;-) I have in mind this situation, when you are turning music on – like me in this moment – and just sitting for well-done work. In this state, you are enthusiastic and unstoppable like running train.

You know that – special if you are self-employed – this state is very important for every “knowledge-based” occupation.

How do you think? Who is more effective (in the wide meaning of this word) – person who is constantly sad or person, who is constantly happy and “on high”?

In this hub I want to answer the question: how to get this mental state and use it to raise your effectiveness?

This hub will help you to enter Flow State and use it for your own profits.


Flow State - Myth or Reality?

We can notice that good mood is revealing feelings like a enthusiasm, energizing and rush-like positive emotions. You know that positive feelings has influence on our effectiveness. Thanks to it we are more stress-resist and time are flowing in good state of mind.

The point is learning how to reveal this good emotions. Mental state of mind I just described is called “Flow State”.

Flow State is mind state that helps you “rush through the life” by positive energy stream. This state is connected with enthusiasm, greater effectiveness and good mood.

Many people thinks that Flow State is Loch Ness Monster – unparalleled, but this is not true.

Stan Flow is at hand – for everyone who want to master it. There are people who are using Flow State like normal work tool.

Few Important things you must know about State Flow

If you want to master Flow State, you must remember that you cannot resolve it without reason nor motivation. Your mind must know the purpose of entering the State Flow. If you will break this rule, you will got weaker results in entering the State Flow. Remember that subconscious mind – which is important factor of this skill - do not like to be alarmed “just like this”

Ok, if we understand it, we can forward to the “step by step” advice pack ;-)


Do you feel good? Just snapp the finger – it will make an anchor in the future.. After some time of repeatable action, resolving the anchor (snap!) will resolve good emotions and effectiveness.

How to enter Flow State

Start to work. Just do it. Do not read any newspapers or do not work with television turned on the background. Just work and try to be effective.

Do you feel that state of progress? Can you see how fast you are dealing with every task?

Try to focus on this feelings and remember it. Try to feel it stronger. Focus on it.

If you want to resolve Flow State in the future, your mind must remember it.

To make it easier for your mind, you shall connect this mental state with some action, gesture (finger snapping for example), feeling or even music. This process is called “Anchoring” by specialist of Neuro-linguistic programming.


Anchoring is science conception – it is part of Neuro-linguistic programming. There is no place for “image” or another crazyness.

If you will repeat this exercise few times via gesture, you will turn on your inward reservoir of power!

What does it means?

It means that, if you feel the stream of inspiration, energy and happiness, you can connect this state with an anchor which can be, for example, finger snapping. Your mind will remember that finger snapping is connected with good mood and effectiveness.

If you made id correct, your subconscious mind shall understand it I this way: “If I will meet anchored gesture/situation/or something else I will raise my effectiveness”. Now, gesture making will resolve the anchor letting you enter the Flow State.

May it looks little nerd but it is working . Practice solution of Flow State are its best advantage.


Few tips

Music has brain synchronizing ability. You can use music to anchoring. Music to anchoring shall be fast and dynamic, even singer less. Good example of this kind of music is Benny Hill Theme ;-)

Avoid sad music to anchoring. It will make weak anchor because it toss you into sadness.

Remember that this is not good idea do leave Flow State “just like this”. It shall fall down by his natural rhythm. Every following anchoring give you experience and make entering the Flow State easier but remember that every “false” jumping off State will make it harder.

Do not use anchored gesture without reason. It will make anchor weaker. Do not try to enter Flow State for the same reason.

This is good idea to take rest before entering the Flow State.

Do not request very good effects after first anchoring. Entering the Flow State requires experience and exercise. It will take some time before you will face 100% but I believe that you fill face it soon! ;-)


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