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Follow ups for an Effective Business Presentation : Creative ideas

Updated on February 8, 2014

In the present world scenario, it is just not adequate to call on somebody and get a presentation. If you do not follow up for a minimum of seven times, then you're devastating your time, in addition to as theirs. The more additional time you invest into getting to recognize your potential clients, the sounder your relationship will get. Because of that, you require to follow up after a presentation, at least seven times, and some of the times even longer than this. In this article, you will discover some original and fanciful thoughts to follow up that will make certain to impress anybody. Some extremely creative presentation follow ups can fetch you a great success and can distinguish you from your competitors.

Following are some really creative presentation ideas :

1. Your beginning follow up should comprise a note which should be hand-written, giving thanks to them for their time. Use a decent card, stamped with your logo, if you wish, or just a simple "Cheers or Thank You" poster or card which is available everywhere.

2. Secondly, get a few "Cheese Straws" from a specialty shop, and send them with a line saying: "Grasping at straws to get the ideal answer to...(Mention a query or a problem which you can work out for them)? We can facilitate and help you! This isn't just a smartly articulated reminder of your presentation, but something for them to try out and retrieve you by.

3. Rolodex lineups are fabulous reminders: admit an annotation that states: "we're all of the time at your fingertips whenever you require us!" Make certain your Rolodex lineup has the small check at the top side with either your company name, name, or the greatest profit of utilizing your services: this will make it to excel from the other competitors in the file.

4. After this, you can choose to send a basket full of popcorn with an annotation sounding: "Just popped in at your door to remind and tell you that we can.... " (Bring up a few of the profits of employing your services or productions). This is one of the best creative presentation idea which will reflect the positivity of your services.

5. A cup/mug of tea or coffee embossed with your icon or logo, and filled with a few coffee pouches or tasty cookies should be your next move to follow : this will surely remind and recap them of your visit each time they have their tea or coffee.

6. A 'seed' parcel with this content: "we'd enjoy to aid you spring up your business" is a great creative and original idea that will impart an outstanding effect.

7. One of the most awesome and best reminders of your services are 'Chocolate Business cards'. Though this one may be a bit costlier, but its good worth of the cost. You will need to pay for a plate with your icon, but it is a one time investment that will surely earn you many times over. Chocolate business card is an outstanding conversation beginner, and something that will distinguish you from your contenders.

These were just some creative presentation ideas. There are a lot of more styles to keep your company or name before of your possible customers. And to maintain a track of what you did, make a booklet for every presentation and assemble your follow-ups before you even go to your presentation. You're now on your path to success: I wish you best of luck for your creative presentations of the future.



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    • profile image

      Marco 5 years ago

      I love these ideas. Have been online for ages looking for ideas to present a new business, these are awesome

    • profile image

      dennisdeco 6 years ago

      nice tips. I will apply them in my routine presentations.