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Follow what you dream

Updated on December 15, 2011

Follow your dreams

Follow your dreams. 
The phrase is from Helena Rodrigues, a guide-interpreter who accompanied 35 students from three classes of grade 8 of the Basic School of Porto da Cruz, in Madeira island
Were tourists for a day. 

The purpose of the Development Agency of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, which coordinated and implemented the program "Educating for tourism" from Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Transport, is awakening to tourism values. 
The project "Education for Tourism" exists on the island with tourism for over 200 years, since 2001. 
There is nothing better than knowing realities and then go after the dream. 

The youth of that school's northern island of Madeira had the opportunity to meet four aspects of the tourism sector: the travel agent, check in at the airport, accompanied by a guide-interpreter on a tour bus and a hotel. 
In practice, the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Transport, which promotes the nearly annual visits to 10 schools in the world of Tourism wants to know the students can choose one of the many professions that the main economic activity of the Madeira provides. 

First, the travel agency

The day started early. 
Shortly after nine o'clock in the morning students, accompanied by three teachers, come to Madeira International Airport. They come in tour bus company's Horários do Funchal, the main in island, which was seeking to Porto da Cruz. 
At the airport are divided into two groups to facilitate the management of the visit. 

Begin by simulating the purchase of "vacation" at the counter of the travel agency. In one group, two students pretend they are a couple coming to spend the honeymoon in Madeira, also famous for that. 

Second, the check-in in the Airport

With the "voucher" on hand, will then simulate the check-in for the flight. 
Those who do not know how to get the tourists that they saw in large buses.As one who brought the Porto da Cruz. 
Note the interest in absorbing the news in most students. 

After this phase, Rubina Melim, information service and public relations at Madeira Airport distributes the cards that will give access to the "boarding". 
Pass the security check, as if they were real passengers. And, after seeing where people go to the planes, had the opportunity to meet a special room for guests who want to use the trip before going. One customer is Cristiano Ronaldo, the footballer born in Madeira, today considered the best in the world. This fact motivates the students a question about the place where you usually sit the Real Madrid player. The answer is elusive. 

The arrival of the second group to the room with about 20 seats come with a chorus of "Ahhhhh ..." by surprise by a space that is not even anything transcendent. 
It is this group that comes the first candidate for a career in tourism. She says he wants to be a flight attendant. 

The assistent replies that she had the crew in aircraft. She says it is very attractive offering for trips, but stresses that it is also very exhausting.Takes this opportunity to encourage them to continue their studies in order to be what they wished when they had to pursue an occupation. 
In the case of tourism, also sensitized to the importance of knowing foreign languages such as English, French and German. 

Third, the tourism bus

It was time for a new stage. 
Still have time to go to the balcony to see the planes. 
Completed two steps, the group, which includes a student with greater motor difficulties who has the support of two firefighters, boards the bus that had brought the Porto da Cruz. 
Onboard, the guide makes believe that students are receiving for the first time as if they were newly arrived tourists from a trip by plane. 
Is presented and also the driver. A common practice. 
Explains how to be guide-interpreter. She says here that they must fight for your dreams.Stresses the importance of making first. After then it's time to defend the wages. 
Moreover, said that even after they should not stop working. He encouraged them to be concerned with specializations continuous lifelong learning in a world increasingly competitive. 

Fourth, the hotel

After a passage for a snack and relax in Santa Cruz, the bus arrived at the Hotel 13 hours Fourviews Oasis, in Canico de Baixo, the secon more importante concentration of hotels in Madeira island. 
It's time for lunch. 

Soon after, they learn to ride a dining table in the restaurant. The number of cups and cutlery left some students withtheir mouth open. 
Get to know the secrets that give life to that napkins adorn the tables. 
What seems easy in skilled hands ultimately prove more difficult if you look at a piece of cloth and has to make a duck, a fan or a flower. 

But this is "to educate tourism" that can captivate and motivate for the activity. 

With the restaurant back, students are again divided into two groups. 
Some will see how to make cocktails. In this case, a Piña Colada without alcohol. 

Others pretend they are doing check-in at the hotel. After exchange. 

The skills of the bartenders delight. But besides knowing handle the drinks and misturá. know them, draws attention to another important factor, the need to know to speak English, essential for anyone embarking on the hotel. 
He recalled that while studying the language not captivated. Today we do not have the same opinion. 
Says he likes the job and refers to the fact that it is demanding. 

Next step: simulate the ckeck-in in the four star hotel. 
Hear that this is an area where we have an availability 25 hours a day to serve the customer. 
A student asks: 
- "25 hours?". 
The answer comes from the teacher: 
- "Can not you see that is a metaphor." 
Completed at this stage it's time to see how to make beds in hotels. 
Some show more skill than others. 

Then it's time to see the back office. Where are the stocks, laundry and maintenance services. 
A visit to the hotel is near the end. 

Before returning home they hear about two teachers. A public school and another from a private school. Both courses for the tourism sector. 
They speak of what they teach in the Atlantic and the Vocational School Vocational School of Tourism and Hotel Madeira. 
Finally, Miguel Moreno, a former student of the Atlantic, talks about her experience and interest he found in tourist activities while he was in the final phase of studies. 
Then, Nelson Gonçalves, a specialist in the bar, spoke of the advantages in going for the job market with an apprenticeship. Allows you to enter a different category for those who do not have. 
An opportunity also to speak of horizons that training allows. Dreams of going to work on a cruise ship. In the background is what the guide-interpreter Helena Rodrigues says: follow your dreams.


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