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Food Industry Employment Options

Updated on March 12, 2011

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the culinary industry? There are many employment opportunities in this field for individuals who enjoy cooking, as well as for those with customer service, management, and communication skills. If you think you'd enjoy working in thie food business, check out some of the job opportunities that are available.

Catering – If you enjoy event planning and management, working as a caterer could be a good option for you. You'll have an opportunity to work with individuals, families, and companies that are planning all types of events – ranging from small dinners to parties or meetings attended by large groups of people. Caterers often help with menu selection, decorations, and serving in addition to cooking.

Cooking – Those who enjoy preparing food and creating recipes may be well suited to work as a chef or cook in a restaurant or private club, or even as a private chef. Many schools offer culinary training programs, providing an opportunity for individuals who are interested in doing this type of work to perfect their skills.

Food Writer – If you are knowledgeable about food and cooking and you have excellent writing skills, you may want to seek employment as a food writer, or pursue freelance writing opportunities in this field. Typically, you'll need to have professional experience working in the culinary industry to be considered for this type of work.

Host or Hostess – If you have excellent organizational and customer service skills, working as a host or hostess in a casual or fine dining restaurant may be a good job option for you. You'll be responsible for greeting and seating customers, and performing other tasks important to the smooth operation of the restaurant.

Registered Dietician – If you are interested in science and nutrition, you may find working as a registered dietician to be a rewarding career. You'll need to complete specialized training and certification to be able to work in this field. There are job opportunities for dieticians to work in healthcare environments, school systems, food manufacturing companies, and other settings.

Waiter or Waitress – If you have outstanding customer service skills, working as a food server could be a good choice for you. Employment opportunities for those interested in waiting tables range from positions in diners, casual dining restaurants, or fine dining establishments.  Tips make up a significant portion of the compensation that waiters and waitresses can earn, so the amount of money in this type of job is largely dependent on the quality of service you provide.


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