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Foreclosure Cleaning: Advice on How to Handle Foreclosure Cleanup Jobs When the Property Has No Power

Updated on February 17, 2010

Renting Equipment Like Generators Can Help You Land More Foreclosure Cleaning Jobs

In almost all cases, when a home is foreclosed on by the lender, the power is turned off. And many times the water has been too if the property has been winterized. However, as you need power to do an effective job when cleaning foreclosed properties, it leaves you in a quandary. So what do you do? How can you do the job done when the property has no electricity?

In the perfect scenario, the REO realtor in charge of the property will get the power turned on for you. This is part of their job. However, many REO realtors these days have so many foreclosed properties to handle, that it’s easy for them to forget.

Sometimes, they just don’t want to be bothered with going through the process, so they will ask you if it’s possible to do the job with no power. Other times, they realtor may simply not know the procedure for getting the power turned on (this is especially true in the case of new realtors and/or those who have never handled foreclosed properties before).

When this happens, you have a few options available to you.

Decline the Foreclosure Cleaning Job: You can outright turn down the job. This is not advised if it is at all possible for you to do the job without having power. Remember, realtors are sources of long-term business, so if it’s within your means, then consider the following options.

Keep the Foreclosure Cleaning Job Option Number 1: Do the job with no power. This may mean cleaning with cold water and via flashlight, for example. While this will make your task more difficult, it builds big points with the realtor because you saved them the hassle of getting the power turned on, and got the job done anyway.

Note: If you decide to go this route, don’t forget to let them know what to expect in the way of cleaning because you have no hot water, eg, “We’ll do our best with the circumstances at hand, but don’t forget how limited we are without electricity/hot water.”

Keep the Foreclosure Cleaning Job Option Number 2: Rent a generator (like one pictured here) so you can have power to do the job right. While this is an expense for your foreclosure clean up business, again, you build huge points with the client because they know that you are a professional firm that can handle almost anything they throw your way.

This leads to more work, because they will come to rely on you and the professionalism of your foreclosure cleaning business.

Learn more about renting equipment to handle foreclosure cleaning jobs with no power, eg, what type of equipment to rent, how much it costs, where to find it, when to turn down jobs, etc. And, get more advice on when to buy versus when to rent equipment for your foreclosure cleaning business.


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