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Foreclosure Cleaning Jobs: Why and How to Market to Landlords to Get Ongoing Work

Updated on February 11, 2010

If you own a foreclosure clean up, junk hauling or similar business, landlords are an excellent niche to market to. Why? Because there’s constant movement, eg, tenants are always either moving in and moving out. This means an ongoing possibility for work.

And the best part is, not a lot of foreclosure cleaning companies target this group. They’re busy going after realtors and banks – and you should be marketing to them as well. But, you should also target landlords. Here we’ll discuss why, as well has how to find them and which services to offer them.

Foreclosure Cleaning Business Owners: Minimum Services to Offer Landlords

Because tenants are constantly moving in and out, there are some basic services you should strive to offer landlords. You can offer as few or as many services as your foreclosure cleaning company can handle, but don’t forget these, at a bare minimum:

Cleaning: When tenants move, properties have to be cleaned for the next tenant. So “white glove” cleaning is a good service that should be tops on your list.

Debris Removal: Invariably when people move, they leave stuff. It can be as little as a few bags or clothes, or as much as an apartment full of furniture they don’t want/can’t afford to move, or something in between. The point is, somebody has to move it. It could be your company.

Repairs: This can be as basic as fixing broken cabinets and doors, or as inclusive as complete repainting; shampooing/removing carpet; laying tiles; repairing holes in sheetrock; etc.

Lawn Maintenance: Cutting grass, trimming shrubs, cutting branches from overgrown trees, etc.

Locksmithing: Changing locks.

Boarding Up: Of broken/unsecured windows and doors

Foreclosure Cleanup: Industry Advice about Servicing Landlords

Don’t get in over your head with the services you offer. For example, if you can’t do more extensive repairs like electrical work, then simply don’t offer that service.

If you do elect to offer these types of services, but you can’t do it yourself, you can always subcontract it out. Just make sure that any subcontractors you use are licensed and insured because if something goes wrong and you’re the primary contractor on the job, it’s going to fall on your head.

How to Market Your “Foreclosure Clean Up” Services to Landlords

The reason foreclosure clean up is in quotation marks is that you should market these services under the “real estate cleanup” division of your foreclosure cleaning company. They are the exact same services, you’re just marketing them in a different way. This is smart business, for the following reason . . . .

Why It’s Smart to Market as a Real Estate Cleanup Company

Sooner or later home foreclosures will no longer top the news. When the foreclosure crisis starts to let up (and that’s looking like it’s going to be another three to five years, at a minimum), by marketing your company simultaneously as a “real estate cleanup” company, you will be ahead of the game.

In business, this is known as niche marketing. You can market to several niches at one time. All you’re doing is selling the same service to different prospects. By doing it this way, you make it easy for them to recognize that you offer what they need.

For example, a landlord of a 10-unit apartment building may not think to call a “foreclosure cleaning” company when one of their tenants moves out. They may think they need a moving company (to move stuff left behind); then a general contractor (to handle minor repairs); then a cleaning company (to give the place a thorough clean for the next tenant).

Helloooooo . . . these are the very same services you offer – and you do it under one company roof.

By pitching yourself as a “real estate services/cleanup company”, you make landlords aware that you are exactly what they need – and they only have to make one call to get the job done.

See the benefit of “niche marketing?”

How to Find Landlords In Your Area Who Need Your Services

The internet is an excellent tool for locating landlords in your area. Simply log on to your favorite search engine (eg, Google, Yahoo!). Then, type in “your city and landlords,” eg: Fort Lauderdale, FL, Landlords.

You can also use this formula to search for real estate investors and property management companies – all of whom are/or deal with – landlords.

FYI, this is a an excellent way to build your in-house email and direct mail list. And the best part about this type of marketing is it’s free – and highly effective. One job can lead to a life-long client, as well as other referrals.

Why? Because most landlords tend to be small operators and are overjoyed to work with dependable contractors they can count on when tenants move in or out. Contractors are notorious for not being dependable, so when landlords (and realtors and other RE professionals) find one they can rely on, they call on them again and again.

Learn much more about how your foreclosure cleaning company can locate, market to and start to get work from landlords.

Foreclosure Cleaning Services: Typical Stuff to be Done After Tenants Move Out


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Did you even check your google search suggestion:

      Fort Lauderdale, FL, Landlords

      Does NOT yield a list of landlords.


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