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Forging a Career in Life is like a Blacksmith Smelting Metals

Updated on January 27, 2015

We Make our Lives Through the Work of our Hands


As soon as we started stepping outside the world of schooling, we started facing the real life where we will spend our time to learn as we grow. When we were younger, we had experienced less stress and only focused in just studying and fun, we dreamed of several professions that we think would be fun and awesome. We ponder of some random jobs that we were exposed to and each year that pass in life, it changes us to the maturity that will help us to improve ourselves for the future.

However, the time comes in our lives when we get this feeling of maturity and that we could already handle ourselves properly, we come up to the idea of what we really want to be. It comes with complicated reasons depending on what state we will be facing. We prefer to focus on how we could make our lives better by means of earning money that is why we take the path where we could earn easily and what services the world demands.

A careers is a jobs or profession a person decides to take and will be dedicated to throughout his life. It is the reason why we have to study in school, it is also the reason why we could be able to live and get income we needed. It is the path that people go to spend for their lives and work as possible as they could. It is of course, more likely that it’s all about making money. A career is also something we like to do and what we are capable of work.

Having a good position in the society makes you famous and your life a little bit comfortable, where you can get satisfying income as well. There are so many of professions that we could possess but the important thing is that we like what we are doing and how it is going to benefit yourself. There are numerous careers we can engage, depending on how good our skills are for this particular job. If we are good in constructing, you could go the path of engineering and architecture where you could start building safe bridges and awesome designs of buildings that the public needs today. While if you think you are good in verbal abilities and writing, you could start writing blogs and be a journalist. There are surely a lot of jobs that may interest you to start building up your life.


It is better to face the future early; it makes us better prepared for upcoming challenges we may have to encounter soon. It will help us be tougher to face them with less pain invoking wiser strategies. Being organized for the future will make us be competent to face them and teaches us to be confident for the jobs we are about to do throughout our lifetime.

You must know the things you enjoy doing and what is best for you as this will be your bread and butter. Nevertheless, to be an effective employee, you must also be having fun while doing it. Know you are capable of the job so you could make yourself improve while in action. The occupation we shall choose will make a big impact on many aspects of our lives. What we decide to choose will define what we want in our lives and will give us a clearer picture of who we are.

Knowing about different careers that the world offers will help us get to know ourselves better as we search for what we are interested to. This will test what our capabilities can reach and how we could do better. It could help us see our hidden talents and help us develop ourselves. Deciding for our future will help us gain decision-making skills and get life lessons eventually.

When we already get the best shot in career planning, it makes us confident to face the job that is coming. Having a good view of our future helps us be optimistic and well ready for the tasks we will face when the time comes. We need to be clearly informed about the work we have to do so we could be prepared for it and avoid hard times. We should also be realistic in our career goals and encourage change.


We have to know about the career we plan to take. Being aware of the things we have to do and help ourselves gain more knowledge about it. We have to set a career management guide to be able to keep track of our improvements in our professions. This will show people your value in the society and will help us to focus in our career goals and development. We have to be dedicated in our work to be able to attain this aim. We must continue in searching for new ideas and try to widen our horizons. We could expand and be something better that could lead us to higher positions and greater income.

Strategic Career Management

Always prefer financial freedom over job security.

Having a Job vs. Owning a Business Matrix

Person A has a job
Regular income, minimu savings, has retirement plan, can afford to buy a few stuff, has very little time for family and recreation.
Financially unstable, owes a lot of debts to banks and people, won't be able to enjoy life until retirement, will have to save for years before they can buy the things they want in life.
Person B has his own small start-up business
Higher income, may have 1 or more savings accounts, a much better retirement plan, can buy stuff he wants immediately, travels occasionally, has enough time for family and recreation.
Owes a few debts to the bank (mostly) but in larger amounts than Person A, risk of losing the business is significantly higher if he'll make bad decisions in business management.
Person C has a multi-income stream through his online business
Superior income, has multiple savings accounts, is already retired and always on vacation while working, can buy anything he wants no more delays, financially stable, always has time for family and recreation.
Risk of losing the business but is almost insignificant.


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