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Formant Used in Advertisement

Updated on May 24, 2010

Hello, Today i'm here discussing with you the most used formats Advertiser use while making ad, There are many others too, but these are as compared to other are easy to execute and you may find these applications near you in media

Product as Hero - In such advertising products are benig showed as they are best in their market and no other product may come in such a brilliance

Product Demonstration - People are being showed using those products like Harpic Ad in India and their benefits of using

Slice of Life - Importance is showed that if you use this product you will be saved from such happenings in future

Slice of Death - Problems like heart attack is occured because of high colestrol and if you in past were use to use specific diet; it would not happen

Celebrity - Personalities specially celebrities use that product for their own consumptions and viewers are included by their consuming patterns

People Like Me - People like me is simply that normal population; those people who are not famous are used and it is showed that these are people like you and are our regular customers

Brand History - Simply history of brand is shown in Ad; Like we are in market since 1900 or providing such products from last 50 years

These formarts are used by middle or low level of organizations, big joints uses many other tools like scientific evidences likes, Nature using, building fantasy and so on... Keep observing Advertisers because the ultimate purpose of advertising is to increase sales not to satisfy customer; if you are aware of such tactics it would be helpful for you to evaluate the best thing to satisfy your need


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    • Rizwan Amjed profile image

      Rizwan Amjed 7 years ago

      Thanks Micky Dee

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Great insight!