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Four Myths About Online Business

Updated on August 26, 2012

Because of the widespread of scam websites, many minds have been polluted with various myths about online business. Since man must eat, scammers have cleverly used the power of words to convince and confuse millions about the true nature of online business. I have attempted to debunk top four myths about online business in this article.

1. The first myth is that you can make it easily without hard work in online business. Many people after failing at their place of work due to laziness resulted into online business, having it at the back of their minds that online business provides a safe haven for a lazy man. Many believe that one can easily make huge money by just owning a website, posting two or three articles on the website, and then waiting for dollars to stream in. Many people hold this view whether consciously or unconsciously; many feel that they can always get money easily without hard work from online business. People feel that doing online business is easy and straightforward. All these thoughts mainly arise from what they have come across from scam websites when surfing the web.

This claim is very far from the truth; in fact, a real online businessman will tell you that it takes hard work, patience and perseverance to achieve something spectacular from various online ventures. Many people probably would have achieved success from their online commitments, had it been that they have realized the truth of hard work in online business.

2. Another myth about online business is that you can easily become an online guru without devoting much time to learning. People will not argue that one needs to learn before practising pharmacy or other professions, but when it comes to issue of online business people think that owning a computer and a modem is enough. People have forgotten that when you are writing for a website you are writing for the whole world, since anybody can access the webpage from any part of the world.

This claim is also very wrong. For one to succeed in any part of online business, one needs to devote time to learn everything possible one can learn about it. Many successful businessmen will agree that adequate knowledge about their area of online business helped them a lot.

3. The third myth is that one can easily climb and reach the top of success ladder in online business within few months. People talk about people like Google Inc. owners, but they have not really taking time out of the ‘’busy’’ schedule to read adequately about the histories of these men. People believe that you can easily hit the jackpot by doing online business, and then become a millionaire. They think that the main thing is to have the right business idea, but they have forgotten many brilliant ideas have failed. They think about this consciously or unconsciously.

History has it that most of top successful online businessmen only achieve success after few years (two or more) of hard work, consistence, diligence and patience. It is true that there are exceptions to this rule, but one should not based business judgement on ‘’exception’’. For those young men and women thinking about doing online business, it is important for them to know that success takes time.

4. Another myth is that combining many different and unrelated aspects of online business together lead to achievement of success on time. A single person may combine drop shipping business, freelance writing business and website design business together. This is because he/she believes that will make him/her a successful in online business on time.

This is an empty claim. One can compare this to a person reading, eating, talking and listening to music all at the same time; this type of person will only end up achieving little or nothing from all these activities. It is very crucial for one to define one’s niche in online business; it has been shown that concentrating one’s effort on a particular business increases one’s efficiency and this eventually leads to success on time.

Freeing one’s mind from all these myths will enable one to understand the true nature of online business, and this will eventually help one in the bid to be a successful online businessman.


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    • Adept2012 profile image

      Adebayo Adeolu Ibrahim 5 years ago

      Mellonyy, thanks for your comment.

    • Mellonyy profile image

      Mellonyy 5 years ago

      Hi , Adept2012! What a great hub, congratulations! Completely agree with you- every "online businessman will tell you that it takes hard work, patience and perseverance to achieve something spectacular..." Shared and voted up! Glad to follow you now!