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Niche Internet Marketing - Four Reasons Why It Is Important And Two Great Ways To Research Your Niche

Updated on November 3, 2011

What is Niche Internet Marketing?

A niche market is a focused and well-defined area within a larger more competitive market. It can be a small part of a specific product's market, i.e. golf clubs with the golfing sector.

It usually involves specific products, demographics, and/or customers. Over and above all these, a niche market is one that addresses a specific need and easily dominated.

For example, a car dealership in New York can sell different car models, but it only targets Toyota's within New York city and that too within a certain radius. So, its marketing strategies and website must focus on prospects that reside within this radius looking for that brand of vehicle.

Another example could be a wedding gown shop - though such shops can sell their wares in all American states, their target audience is to-be-married women in Florida.

Niche Internet marketing refers to the practice of identifying the customers who are creating the demand, and then using a variety of online marketing tactics to reach out to them.

You can find out more about Niche Internet Marketing on my Building Businesses Online website or you can visit me, Mark McKnight on my SEO blog.

Which Niche Market Do Your Think Would Be Most Profitable?

Can you guess which niche has the most demand and the least competition?

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Fours Reasons Why Niche Marketing Is Important?

1. It allows you to spend your marketing and advertising dollars on markets that will generate a very high ROI (Return on Investment). You can easily figure out blogs, niche social media sites, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook groups, Google PPC demographics, etc., and advertise on these. Not a single advertising dollar is wasted, and your budgets become sharper and focused over time after results start pouring in.

2. It helps you optimize your website for the exact target audience. Customers can then easily find you, and that can lead to increase in sales.

3. You can post very specific content on your website. Specific content always helps solve problems of a niche market. Such content can help you establish market leadership.

4. As you know the market well, you can get creative and keep developing new products and services for that market. This too can make you a market leader.

This is why niche Internet marketing is so important. It helps target the right prospects, increase sales, and expand your business.

Two Ways To Discover Your Niche Market?

Before you start your niche Internet marketing campaign, you must first jump into analytics. Here's what you must do:

How to discover your niche market?

1. Get a list of your clients and find out what they have in common. This can help you improve existing products and introduce new product lines. Though you can rely on existing analytics, you should also conduct a fresh survey that will clue you on to existing trends. Use for your surveys - it's free.

2. Research your competition well. Enroll as a member with competitor-analysis services like Such sites help you figure out the most important keywords used to target the niche markets and also clue you on to your competitor's advertising strategies. Having such information is worth its weight in gold.

This information is adequate to get you going. Develop some helpful "extras" that you can give away with your products and develop a product and marketing strategies that make you stand apart from and ahead of your competitors.

Now, it's time to unleash your niche Internet marketing campaign, which includes all the usual Internet marketing tactics, except that these are aimed at a specific audience. For more information about internet marketing for online business, please visit my website Building Businesses Online.

How To Find Keywords For Your Niche Market

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