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Four Ways to Win Over Today’s Discerning Customer

Updated on June 4, 2018

Recent research reveals that the average human now has an attention span of only eight seconds. That’s shorter than a goldfish’s. As such, marketers are now taking a second look at their campaigns and messaging to determine how to appeal to someone in such a short amount of time. With only a brief window of opportunity to convert, it’s important to pack as much into the interaction as possible, yet to do so in a manner that’s informative and relevant, not spammy or annoying.

While it sounds like a tall order to fill, the good news is there are a few ways to do it. Here are four ways to stand out to customers who are more impatient, yet also more informed, than ever before.


1. Make it high quality and interesting, every time.

Today’s consumer has read enough online content to know when they’re being presented with a well-researched, informed piece of data versus one that was plucked from thin air in a desperate attempt to convert them. That means every piece of collateral you design, write, create and present must be top quality, or you’re better of conserving those resources.

It also needs to be interesting. If someone reads the first few sentences of your piece and is immediately bored, something is amiss. Take the time to weave in a personal anecdote to put a face to a brand name. Grab them at the onset with some eye-opening statistics. Flex your storytelling muscles and turn an otherwise dry data slick into a narrative. There are myriad ways to punch up your content and inject tons of quality into it. Take a look at your existing materials and brainstorm ways to make them more interesting and informative. Then, avow that moving forward, you won’t settle for anything less than the best.


2. Distribute effectively.

Unfortunately, it’s rare that you’re marketing a product that appeals to every single person in every single demographic. Rather, you’re likely targeting niche audiences with specific preferences that are likely to becomes invested in your offering. To make sure you’re winning them over, stick to focusing your delivery and distribution to your identified target audience.

You wouldn’t speak to a classroom of preschoolers on the technical design features of your new mobile app, would you? Make sure you’re presenting your message to those most likely to intercept it successfully, with the ability to take action immediately if required.


3. Be wary about over-branding.

You might think that by slapping your logo all over your online presence, you’re just helping your company stay top of mind. Yet, you could be doing a disservice to your readers and your business if you’re overly promotional. Studies show that consumers are actually put off by excessive branding. Our eyes naturally pull away when we’re faced with such blatant advertisement.

So, while strategically including your brand elements across your online or brick-and-mortar platforms is helpful and a perfectly fine approach, remember that if someone is accessing your data quickly to find something they need, they don’t want to have to scroll past an oversized image of your logo to get there.


4. Make them happy, quickly.

If you can elicit emotions of happiness and joy from your readers within the first five seconds via your marketing approach, research reveals you have a higher chance of keeping their interest levels high. Your odds are even better if you can gently surprise (but don’t shock) your viewers, then quickly replace that show with a sweet surprise.

It might sound like an emotional rollercoaster, but to keep a prospect invested in what you’re discussing, it’s helpful to build those gentle ups and downs to avoid stagnation and boredom.

Yes, your customers now have a shorter attention span than ever before. Yet, don’t give up, just get creative! With these above tips, you’ll be well on your way toward capturing and retaining their interest and earning their long-term loyalty.


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