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Free & Cheap Plumbing Courses Through College, Private, and Government Funded For The Unemployed

Updated on January 21, 2014

Free & cheap plumbing courses to train to become a plumber.

Training to become a qualified and professional plumber will take many years of dedication and manual experience. Make no mistake, the training of a plumber involves long hours, heavy lifting, and getting very dirty.

But the rewards can be greater than just getting a normal job with a company. The self employment prospects alone outweigh the couple of years spent in training.

Warning: There are many plumbing courses that offer cut price training over a short period of time. Many of these cheap plumbing courses will teach you next to nothing about the requirements of a plumber and the course has no recognized qualification at the end of it.

Any plumbing course which does not offer a qualification at the end of the course should be avoided.

The fine print in some of the paraphernalia issued by the companies whom offer cut price courses will lead you believe that a qualification will be issued to you if you pass a final examination.

Most times this is a simple certificate to state that you have had some sort of basic training in the plumbing industry, and will not be recognized by a potential employer.

Free Courses

The free courses for plumbing are usually government funded through local colleges. These can be applied for through your local employment office or directly from the college.

The free plumbing courses are normally directed at the age group from 18 -24 year olds, although you can apply no matter what age you are.

You will need to find a placement with a qualified and registered plumber. This is where you will work alongside a professional plumber to gain on-site experience and learn the trade through manual labour.

Occasionally the college will provide a placement, but the demand is so high for these college plumbing courses that you will probably have to find your own.

It may be worth seeking your placement prior to approaching the college, this will put you a few steps ahead of many other applicants, of which there will be many.

Private Plumbing Funded Courses

Some private training companies will offer people the chance to train to become a plumber free. These companies will liaise with your employment office to take you on as a trainee, and the government will simply pay them.

These courses are becoming harder to find as the current economical climate reduces the amount governments are willing to spend on training, no matter what their spin doctors say.

Some of these companies will only give you basic training that will teach you how to change a tap, install a toilet, and how to mop the floor afterwards.

Before signing up for any course, view their course manifest and see what they offer.

Find out if there are any comment about the company on the internet If not you may as well buy the plumbing for dummies instead and have a good read.

Online Plumbing Courses

These are excellent if you do not know your backside from your elbow.

There is no way a person can become a qualified or even a fully trained plumber by just reading manuscripts.

They will help you get a general idea of basic plumbing for around the home. If you decide to take this avenue as a means of self employment, then you are in for a very rough ride.

Rather than waste your time with these plumbing training courses for the unemployed, just take your money and flush it down the toilet.

CSCS Card ( UK )

It is imperative for any person wishing to become a plumber and work on a building site to obtain the CSCS ( Construction Skills Certification Scheme ) card. This card is a legal requirement and indicates that the holder has basic health and safety awareness.

Follow these free links to sites which offer excellent information without taking your money.

CSCS Card Condensed Revision Notes

How To Obtain Government Funded CSCS Card

Free CSCS Mock Examination Questions ( actual questions from the exam )


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