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Free Government Funded Tiling Courses & Day Release College Courses From Manchester Skills Centre

Updated on October 7, 2013

FREE professional tiling courses.

Government funded tiling courses are available for men and woman of any age. Training allowances provide 100% free training for people wishing to train to become tilers.

Transportation to the Manchester skills centre is provided free from various points in the North West. Work gear such as safety boots, high visibility vests, gloves, and safety goggles are provided FREE of charge.

Basic tools for use whilst training as a tiler are also FREE. Materials to learn how to tile are also FREE. The free tiling courses are generally aimed at the young unemployed ages of between 18 to 21. But many of the students are between 25 and 48 years of age and of many different nationalities.

Tiling Course Days

Free tiling course are available which may be from 3 to even five days per week, it's your choice. Day release tiling courses are also available.

All tiling courses are designed to allow a prospective student maximum training whilst still being able to claim all their benefits. The courses last approximately 4 months with a construction industry recognised certificate achieved at the end of the course.

What Will You Learn ?

Learn how to become a tiler and become self employed or open up many new employment prospects. The tiling course will provide you with all the training required to promote yourself as a qualified and trained tiler.

The course helps students learn how to floor and wall tile, as well as how to grout properly for a superb finish. Getting around corners and rounded edges is simply done after a few days training at the Manchester Skills Centre.

Training to be a tiler has never been so simple, or as much fun. Learn the tricks of the trade about wall preparation so as the tiles actually stay where they are meant to be.

The Staff

The tile training staff have been specifically selected for their ability to tile and to teach. Their friendly yet professional approach ensures all students are taught at a pace at which each student can gain as much education and practice as possible.

No student is chastised, but are nurtured with one-to-one and group tutelage. This helps develop team work and individuality.

Any prospective student has nothing to lose by undertaking to begin a tiling course, but has everything to gain. Many students are found placements within companies after the course has ended. This helps further their training and gives them gainful employment.

Change Your Life

Go from Zero to hero within a few months. The employment prospects for everybody are diminishing every month. Hundreds apply for each job, and only those who stand out from the crowd are usually offered work.

Training to be a tiler will open up doors in the maintenance and construction industry, as well as the bathroom and kitchen fitting side.

Act now. Places are always limited and this time next year, you could have your own tiling business and have someone working under you.

Contact Details

For a free tiling course or a brochure and information on the many courses that are offered at the Manchester Skills Centre, please contact us on the details below.

Tel: 0161 876 3300


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    • Ged1962 profile image

      Ged1962 5 years ago from UK

      Very interesting article, I did a bathroom installation course and my partner did a tiling course in the North East of England, we use these skills all of the time and save a lot of money in the process