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Free Joinery & Carpentry Courses With Day Release College Courses At The Manchester Skills Centre

Updated on December 5, 2015

Free Government Funded Joinery classes and courses for men and women.

Train to become a joiner or carpenter with Manchester Skills Center free joinery courses. All ages are welcome to partake in the government funded courses.

Learning carpentry or the joinery trade ensures suitable qualifications to qualify for many construction based employment opportunities.

Manchester Skills Center offers free joinery training courses for the North West of England for the unemployed, redundant, self employed, or even the part time employed.

Also on offer are day release free joinery courses for people wishing to obtain qualifications through their work.

Other FREE Courses on Offer:

Plumbing, Plastering, Scaffolding,

Tiling, IT, Hairdressing, Gas,

Kitchen Fitting, Maintenance,

Car Mechanics, and many more.


Free training to become a joiner begins the moment the student steps through the door. Once inside the workshop intense training begins.

All participating students, whether they are training 3 or 4 days a week, or day release, are given one to one tutelage throughout the course.

Joinery training also includes use of specialist carpentry tools, power tools, and industrial woodworking machines of all descriptions.

Each student is taught the different types of joinery joints and specifications for loft extensions, roofing, partitioning, and all other carpentry work for commercial and residential properties.

The free carpentry courses offer basic and advanced theoretical and practical joinery knowledge. The diploma earned at the end of the course is industry recognized around the globe. T

his gives the student a chance to obtain gainful employment in a world where there are over 300 people vying for one job vacancy.

Teachers / Tutors

The tutors at Manchester Skillscentre are all fully qualified and time served tradesmen. Each tutor develops a professional relationship with the pupil through one-to-one teaching and gently nurturing the student towards a career in joinery.

No matter what the limitations or skills of a new student, all are treated as equals. Confidence is also achieved as well as self satisfaction during the length of the course.

These free woodwork courses are designed to bring out the best in each person.


Each course at the centre is available FREE. The government usually pays for the entire course. FREE CSCS Exams are also available at the centre, as well as FREE CSCS mock exams. ( but you have to pay for the actual card yourself )

Transport from various points around Manchester is provided FREE. All Personal Protection Equipment is issued FREE, this includes safety boots, helmets etc. FREE use of all available tools, FREE exam and Qualification on completeing the joinery course.

The centre also tries to find employment and placements within the construction industry for its' students.


The Catch / Small Print

You have to show up. Training not only includes practical carpentry work, but also certain life skills. Punctuality, personal attitude, team work, pride, and inspiration are all part of the joinery course.

Contact Details

For information regarding the free joinery, training, or day release college courses, including availability, length of courses, and any other information required, please do not hesitate to contact the centre on the details below.

Telephone:............... 0161 233 2656


Address:.................... Churchgate House, 56 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6EU


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    • profile image

      3cardmonte 5 years ago

      Excellent, the government need to do more to encourage people to learn new skills. I'm currently sans employment (though joinery and carpentry are not for me) It's excellent that it's being offered.... not far from me either!