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Free Online Ads To Get You Traffic

Updated on March 8, 2012

Are you looking for free online ads that can get you traffic,you may want to promote a business opportunity, build your subscriber list or advertise your online business to get more customers or clients. There are many websites online that can help you achieve this, a type of website you may be interested in using is a text ad exchange.

There are thousands of these sites that you can advertise for free, you can use text ads, banner advertising, solo ads and login ads to get guaranteed traffic. These text ad exchanges are free to join, you will need to sign up and give an active email address.You will have to agree to receiving emails from other members on this site and in exchange you can advertise your business for free.

I recommend that you set up a free gmail account and use this email to sign up to as many text ad exchanges as you can. You will then need to view some advertising to earn points so you can redeem them for advertising. Most will have a promo code for new members to give them some advertising to get started.

You can also earn commissions by referring new members and you can also get more advertising by promoting or recommending their site. If you don't have much money to spend text ad exchanges is a great way to get free traffic to the site you want to promote.

Free Online Ads

When setting up your advertising your title is very important as it could determine how many people see your ads. When submitting a solo ad try to make it informative but short and to the point as many people do not want to read a long advertisement. It is also important to track your ads so you know which websites gets you better results. Some text ad exchanges may provide a URL cloaker where you can see where your visits are coming from.

A splash page or squeeze page give better results than any other types of pages, there many sites online that allow you to create these pages. It is also important not to advertise any websites that have google adsense as you can get your account banned and lose your account.

Other free advertising sites include traffic exchanges, this is where you join and view other people's websites for approximately 10 seconds and earn credits for each page view.You can then add your own website and assign credits so you can get traffic. Most traffic exchanges also allow you to use banner and text ad advertising as well.

By using free online ads you can get guaranteed traffic that can help you build your business. By using text ad exchanges and making use of all types of ads as I have mentioned above you are more likely to see better results.


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