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Free Online Business Opportunities For Writers

Updated on June 20, 2011


Are you new to making money on the internet and you are looking for a free way to make money on the internet or to make money with Google AdSense? Then search no further. I don’t know how long you have searched for the shortest route to earn money on the internet; anyway it makes no sense because I have good news for you.

The good news I have for you is this: it is 100% possible to make good profit from writing on the internet working from the comfort of your home or office, I am a witness, and many other article writers are too. And I can proudly tell you that it is much easier to maximize AdSense revenue with hubpages than with most other article publishing platforms. People call the act of writing on the internet for monetization purpose home based business, but I prefer to call it work at your comfort business, because you choose your own comfortable schedule.

The bad news I have for you is this: even though you can make good money on the internet working from home or office, it is not as simple as you may think either, but the other good news is that you can make money online for free. What I am trying to say is that you can earn money on the internet without spending a dime, all you need are the ideas and skill that you already have, which you can improve on the job, if you desire to.

Are you surprised that you can make money on the internet without spending a dime? If you are surprised, then you should also be surprised that you can make monetary profit from publishing articles online. And you should also be surprised that you can make good money on the internet without scamming or indulging in scams. And finally, you should be surprised that work from home is not really a scam or myth.

Free Online Jobs


Currently, there are two surefire ways to earn income on the internet as a writer; affiliate marketingand Google adsense.You might still find some other good ways to earn income from home, through some popular work at home programs like, data entry, paid to read emails, paid survey programs, etc. The disadvantage is that most of the genuine ones among these programs (if you are lucky to find any), are not always accessible for those people in the third world countries, and majority of them also requires a signup fee, unlike Google AdSense that is for free and accessible to anybody from any part of the world; third world or first world.

I am pretty convinced that you may be familiar with the names: affiliate marketing, article publishing, and blogging. I shall take on affiliate marketing first.

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways of making big money on the internet today, according to recent surveys, but it is not very easy to make it with affiliate marketing, many webmaster gurus can bear witness to that. You can make up to $5000 a month as an affiliate marketer, but the question remains how easy is it? To me, I will say, not too easy as it may sound though.

As an affiliate, you make money by referring buyers or customers to a particular product, and when these buyers purchase any of the products you referred them to, you get a percentage of the sold price, based on your terms of agreement with the owner of the product; this is precisely how affiliate marketing works.

There are so many affiliate programs that can earn you income on the internet, but the ones I would recommend that you try are: clickbank, markethealth, amazon, and ebay.They have been tested and trusted.

The second surefire way to earn good money online is through article publishing or blogging. This is the one that brought me to the limelight of how to make money on the internet, so I love sharing my experience on this.

I know what you are thinking in your head right now; what if I am not good at writing? Relax, it doesn’t really matter like I said earlier, you can improve on your skill as you progress in the field, just start.



You can earn income as a publisher or writer in two ways: displaying Google pay per click or similar adson your published articles or by selling your articles to blog owners or article buyers, I prefer the first. If you are considering the second option, check out triondor constant content,they will pay you per each original content quality article you publish with them. But if you prefer the first option like me, then read on.

I am assuming that by now, you must have known what Google AdSenseis, but if you don’t, kindly log on to Google search engine and make a search about Google AdSense, because that is where I am riving at.

In a snap, Google pays publishers like you (if you start publishing articles or start blogging) for displaying relevant Google ads on your article or blog column, particularly when visitors coming to your site or blog to read your article clicks on any of the Google displayed ads on your article or blog column, this program is called, Google AdSenseprogram.

If you have interest in making money on the internet without spending a dime, then go for this. You do not need to pay anybody a dime to register or signup, all you need is write quality original content articles, and then find a good platform to publish it. I would suggest that you start with hubpages,they have the most simple but powerful tools to guide you, and to also maximize your AdSense revenue in the least possible timeframe.

In order to earn good profit with AdSense program, you need more and more people to read your articles and to also click on the ads displayed on them. Check out the simple arithmetic below:

More traffic to your articles + high paying ads + clicks = more AdSense earnings

Haven known this, what do you do? Get more and more visitors to read your articles, so that you can earn more money, that’s so simple I guess right?

How to get more visitors to read your hubs or article

To get more visitors to read your hubs, you need to drive traffic to your hub using some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. The best proven ways to drive traffic to an article or site are: social bookmarking, sharing, building backlinks, forum participation,reading other people’s article and dropping comments, etc. Click here to drive organic traffic to your site for free now.

Haven known about the need to drive more traffic to your articles, the journey didn’t end there, you need to make sure that at least 60% of those that visited your site or article, clicks on one or two ads displayed on your site or article, or hubs (for those writing on hubpages). Google AdSense also helps you to analyze this in what we call, CTR (Click Through Ratio); which means how many 100 visitors to your hub clicks on a displayed ads. To achieve this, you need to do some magic. I call them magic because they look ordinary, but very powerful.

Magic number one: make use of your site navigation to lure your site or article visitors to click on the displayed ads.

Magic number two: place your ads very well, in such a position that attracts the attention of the visitor but not distract them. Avoid adding too many pictures, links and other ads like; amazon, etc on your hubs.

Magic number three: make use of high paying keywords. It is possible to have a million clicks on ads displayed on your article, and still earn below $100, why? The reason is because your ads CPC are low? If for instance, you make use of high CPC keywords which attracts high CPC ads, and then you get 50 clicks on the ads displayed on your article at the end of the month, and another writer writes on keywords of low CPC, and gets 500 clicks at the end of the same month, you will still earn much more bigger than such a writer. Some keywords attract high CPC ads that pay up to $5 to $15 per click (this is an example of a high CPC keyword), while some other keywords attracts ads $0.01 to $0.9 per click (a typical example of low CPC keywords). We thank God for adwords for providing us with a tool to assist.

I am pretty sure that you now know the benefits of writing on high CPC keywords? With this in mind, I don’t see any reason you should write articles that revolves around keywords with low CPC, if you desire to make high revenue with AdSense program. Wondering how to find out the keywords that pay high or how to write articles with high CPC keywords that trigger high Google pay per click ads? Check here!

Magic number four: Track the performance of your articles. You need to find out what is working and what is not working for you. To achieve this, you need to make use of the tools which Google AdSense has provided for every publisher, this tool is called; channels. With the help of AdSense channels, you will be able to track each of your article’s CTR, eCPM (Estimated Cost Per 1000 Impressions), etc.

I hope you are satisfied, and ready to go into action? There is no harm in trying, but I bet you, this is beyond trying, you will be very surprised with the whole process, and you will go screaming at your friends; “I never knew I could make so much money on the internet for free!”, don’t forget to tell your friends about this page.

Now that you are ready to go into action, I recommend that you startup with hub pages if you wish to hit the rock in the least possible time. To start writing today and earn money on hubpages, just go here to explore some of the benefits that hubpages is offering you for free and enjoy the awesome experience! I wish you all the best in your online making money or work from home experience, but you mustn’t stop here, keep researching until you become a webmaster guru earning income to buy good cars and may be, a comfortable house!


Some extra ways to earn money online

For the sake of space, I am only going to list out the various online business opportunities you can also try on to earn extra cash, but not really one to buy you your dream house, just try them.

Make money with your digital camera: check out and

Sell your poems for real cash (starting from $20 up to $300 per poem): check

Participate in survey programs: try

Make money making original quality videos: the best for this remains, if your video is good enough to attract viewers, then you can apply for a Google Adsense ad display on the video.

Note: Do not pay anybody any dime to make money on the internet, any good online business opportunity requires no money but your ideas and skill, stay away from scammers, guard your wallet jealously. Good luck!


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    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from L Island

      @Fossillady, tahnks for stopping by...don't give up yet, you will soon be smiling to the bank...if i can make money here...i believe every newbie can keep the write ups coming okay?....Rome was not built in a day Fossi...patience pays in all human endeavor especially in this our business of writing...keep researching and keep visiting other people's will soon be there...

      i am sorry for replying once agin for stopping by...i wish you a more prosperous new year this year...

    • Fossillady profile image


      7 years ago from Saugatuck Michigan

      Thanks for all the advise. I joined hubpages two months ago, but haven't made money! I have greatly enjoyed the unexpected bonus of encouraging comments and commraderie with other writers. I do need to direct more traffic to my hubs and will check into your suggestions soon as the holiday is over! I wish you a holiday filled with peace and joy assuming you celebrate the season! If not, I still wish you peace and joy!


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