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Free Tips :: Making Money Online :: Part 10

Updated on August 22, 2012

Wow, 10 I hope you are learning to Make Money Online

I got up this morning and surveyed my Free Tips, Making Money Online Series. If you write 10, as this is the tenth part, you have written 10,000 words. That's ten thousand words! Do you know that some e-books are only ten thousand words? That's what I'm talking about today.

Now I am teaching you how to make money with article marketing on Hub Pages and other sites, but if you want to grab real cash, more than pennies a day from clicks, or a few dollars from ClickBank, you need your own product.

There are times in your life as a writer when you look at the sheer magnitude of a novel or e-book and think "I could never do something like that." You have defeated yourself before you even started.

You have to ask yourself "What do I know that I have a lot to say about?" Then start writing. I said in a previous hub that you can use a text capsule as a sort of daily log. You keep links to sites where you got information so that you can go back for more. Ideas for your next part in a series. Notes to self. Checking the "Don't display this capsule" box gives you that extra space, relevant to the article you wrote, and to the next one. I have a whole hub that is unpublished where I write all sorts of things!

Now I know it sounds crazy, but say you wanted to write a book of short stories, By now you may be up to the Two hub a day goal. You write two and publish one, saving the other for tomorrow. Tomorrow you publish one, write one, and write a 1000 word short story. In ten days you will have ten short stories and still be producing a hub a day. Your hubs are where you get your following. Guess what: when you publish that book you have a ready made audience. How? At the end of each hub you write a teaser such as "Okay, gotta go, working on my book."

Soon you'll have people not only commenting on your hubs but asking about your book. When you publish (hopefully to Amazon, why not you're already an affiliate) you go back to your profile and write about it there. Go to every hub and add a capsule with a link to purchase your book. Write a hub about your book; if you've been keeping a daily log in an unpublished capsule you can actually transfer those to a daily blog leading up to your book publishing. Just copy and paste each one into a different text capsule on the new hub, or on your blog site.

Hopefully you get this, I know it's quite scrambled, but the point is, once you have started devoting a few hours out of your day to writing, the world is seriously your oyster. The difference is you are not looking for a pearl in a sea, you are the pearl.

Wow! That was long!

Okay, I usually try to stay at about 300 or so words per capsule maximum. That last one was just over 500 so you see what happens when you are excited about a subject. As always, I am the worst affiliate there is. I could be posting the link to sign up for Amazon, or Kindle or adsense, Clickbank, and a host of other sites where I might make some percentage for signing you up. I have placed the occasional Amazon capsule if I found relevant products. Why not? You can't earn off of your own purchases, right? I don't post those things because it is distracting and I told you, I'm not here to sell you something.

When it comes to promoting your book from Create Space (they won't let me be an affiliate but they are the best thing going) it's going to be up to you. Your promotional vehicle is Hub Pages and whatever other sites you choose to write on for money. They give you a free website for your books! Amazon does too, for your Kindle books! You literally do not have to pay for these things! If you want them to advertise for you, that's a different story. The cost isn't worth it unless you know the book is already paying you.

So the promotion. First you will want to create a Facebook Fan Page for your book. You may already have one for your hubs. If you do you can use that one. You can start one right now if you don't and always link to that page in your hubs "If you like my writing please follow me on Facebook with a link to your fan page. Or, if you're an avid reader anyway you can start an Amazon Book Review Blog on any of the blogging sites. Wizzley, from what I hear, has some great revenue. You set a day when your E-book will be free, ask that anyone who reads it review it. You publish that date on your profile and your most productive hubs, blogs and Facebook pages. Amazon allows for a free promotion few days out of the month, but if you have been dropping hints and laying the groundwork, letting your followers know that the book is coming, tweeting your hubs and sharing on Facebook, then one free day should be all you need. Be sure to use that free day to seriously promote your book. The more "purchasers" and the more reviews, the higher you'll rank on the Kindle site. Ask people to rate your book if they like it. There's a like button for Facebook and one for Amazon, make sure they know the difference. That Amazon like button is your new best friend!

After that day of promotion continue to comment about your book. Ask a friend from HP to write a review of it for you, one who does book reviews. They shouldn't mind as they will be making a small advertising fee from Amazon when people buy your book.

Don't stop promoting. Keep publishing hubs and start on your next book. You want three up on Kindle before you start hard copy on Create Space. Each time you publish a Kindle book be sure that you post a link to your other books inside. And you can edit your first book to include a link too. Each time you publish a new book think about allowing the previous one to be added to the Kindle lending library. It's a great avenue to promote your new book because of the link inside!

When you go for your first book on Create Space make it a Create Space exclusive for a while to see how that goes. Place links to your Create Space book in your Kindle books. Don't forget to include links in your Kindles back to your profile here as well or at least one of your other writing sites, include your Facebook Fan Page because that is your "hub" to all of your writing sites! Make sure that some of your web addresses are included in your Create Space book too!

Your Amazon books may be 200 pages or less. Your Create Space book should be longer. That way, when people buy it, they feel they are getting some value for their money. 250 to 350 pages is a great length for cold winter nights, summer reading or long plane rides.

At the end of a year you will have 365 hubs (or more) 3 e-books and possibly, depending on your time, a novel.

From The Perfect Brew

Excellent site if you want to get the right mind ser for SEO. Of course you know I don't use any, lol.
Excellent site if you want to get the right mind ser for SEO. Of course you know I don't use any, lol. | Source

Your Homework

Get writing! Get dreaming! Get to work! Join some other sites and write there at least once or twice per week. Link it all back here to HP and link from here to there. Don't let this article seem a daunting task that you couldn't possibly complete! Remember, you are just continuing with what you have already been doing here, with or without my encouragement. Step up your game!

Use a few minutes of your day to tweet some articles. You can now connect Facebook to Twitter and vice versa. Do both and when you share on one it's posted on the other as well. Big time saver!

Let's get out there and make some money online! Believe me, when you have more than one stream of income you will see that these articles have been well worth your time.

Okay, I have a webinar to get to. Have a great day creating money online! See you soon!


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    • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

      Faye Constantino 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks neophonic! I have been trying to make money as an online writer since 1998, obviously things have changed in my favor now. It used to be so different. Now you can become an "overnight" success with a lot of hard work here. Before you were lucky if anyone could find you.

    • neophonic profile image

      Jakub Dubec 

      6 years ago from Europe

      You have a very nice idea about teaser, it can be highly motivating to continue with work on long-term project. I definitely will mind about use of Your idea for my hubs. Thank You Ms. Faybe!

    • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

      Faye Constantino 

      6 years ago from Florida

      You're doing a fantastic job. Make yourself do something for a few weeks and it becomes a habit! It's going to be second nature to you!

    • Adept2012 profile image

      Adebayo Adeolu Ibrahim 

      6 years ago

      Thanks Faybe Bay, I have been able to write three articles in a day; although, I have not been able to maintain, but I hope I will be able to do that soon.

    • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

      Faye Constantino 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi dwachira,

      Yes, absolutely! That's the whole point, right? We are here for their entertainment, to provide information, answer questions and even offer support or solutions. They, in turn, become faithful to us too.

      Thanks for your support and for the comment! Comments make the Hubs go around!

    • dwachira profile image

      [ Danson Wachira ] 

      6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      I like the idea you have put here about writing short stories, right now i have series of programming article that am carrying on here. The good thing about writing series or short stories is that you get ideas for what you shall write next as you write a particular part of series. when you get followers for such article, they are not just followers but also faithful ones that will even ask for more before you publish next.

      Great article, voted up and useful.


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