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Free Tips :: Making Money Online :: Part 12

Updated on August 30, 2012

New Inspiration

Okay, it's Part 12 of Free Tips, Making Money Online. Congratulations to everyone for making it this far with me. I know from your comments that you are still unsure of yourselves. You wonder if this is all hype and hoopla, if money can be made just writing online. Of course it can. It's being done every day. The following is the criteria for making money writing online:

  • Content, as I've said and so has everyone else, is King! You can't make money without great content that is "Ever green". Evergreen content is stuff that people will want to read now and in the future.
  • Links/Clicks/Sharing as I have said is Queen. The more activity your article has via comments, sharing, Tweets and Retweets, the more it shows up in the search engines.
  • Authority: You must become an authority or an expert, if not you could be the one who directs people to the best authority or expert.
  • Now for the big one. PRIDE! That's what this article will address.

Take Pride in what you are Doing!

I am currently working with a fantastic organization that I take great pride in. They ask that we share their message with everyone if we take pride in the organization. We are asked, however, not to write articles about the organization but rather to tell friends and colleagues verbally first and then, if they show an interest, send them an e-mail. It's personal, you see. We work personally with individuals, companies and organizations. It's about taking pride in what you're doing and talking about it.

So, here you are, writing on HubPages and wherever you have a blog... How many of your personal friends and family members have you shared that information with? Have you kept this to yourself because you think they won't be interested? Or maybe you are afraid of what they would say. Do you have so little pride in your work that anyone nay-saying it could bring you down?

What are you waiting for? Your first check? Getting on the best-seller's list or the front page of Google? How do you think that people starting out do it?

So, your free tip today: The most successful people in the world do not "Hide their light under a bushel" they tell everyone! Why? Because they know that networking isn't about sharing your goals, hopes and dreams with strangers, it's about sharing those with friends and family. Once you've talked to those closest to you, talk to those who you've lost touch with, old friends from High School or College. You can probably find them on Facebook or some other social site.

People who work on something in secret are perceived as being ashamed of what they're doing. I know you couldn't possibly be ashamed of this! What is there to be ashamed of? That you did your research, planned and wrote 1000 words on a great topic? No that is something to be proud of.

If you've gone to Alison and started completing courses and earning diplomas and certificates then that is something to share and be proud of. If you've gone to Create Space or Kindle and started taking steps towards publishing your first book then that is something to be proud of! Share this! You will be surprised at the encouragement you get from loved ones. Maybe you'll get criticism too, that's extremely valuable! Use the critics! Ask them what you can do to improve your work! Believe me, it is much easier to take constructive criticism from someone who already loves you, or at least likes you, than from a stranger who didn't find what they were looking for in your work.

Talking to Friends and Family

Before you talk to friends and family you may be going over what their initial reaction will probably be. It's human nature and most of us do it all the time, for the silliest things. Here are some things to remember before you get yourself into "the paralysis of analysis."

  • What other people think of me is none of my business.
  • I was not born with the ability to read minds or tell the future.
  • If I have goals and dreams, sharing them helps me to be accountable in my pursuit of them.
  • I have no right to prejudge others and what they will "probably" say or think.
  • I am doing something constructive, building for my own future, that alone is a source of pride.
  • Sharing with those I care about can only help me in my future.

I'm sure that you can think of many things to add to this list. The hardest conversations I had about my writing were with my family. I was terrified of what they would think of me, if they'd like what I was doing or think it a pipe dream. I made myself sick over it. Do not follow my example, don't let your fears and lack of confidence stop you from sharing your new world with your old one. Imagine where America would be if the discovery was kept secret!

Your Homework

By now you should have come up with your own concrete goals as to where you want your writing to go, and what kind of future you want to build for yourself. Today you should be writing toward that goal. If it'a a book then try to get in a couple of thousand words a day. If it's here and a blog site or two then write for all of them.

Before the day is out share your writing, the published stuff, with at least one family member or friend. Remember : If you just won the lottery, who would you call first, second, third?" and call them. It may not look like a lottery ticket to you right now, but what you are doing is holding tight to the keys to your future. Show it off! Be loud and PROUD!


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