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Free Working At Height Mock Pactice Questions For The HSE Test / Exam & Answers

Updated on February 5, 2015

FREE practice questions for the HSE Working At Heights test.

The working at height Health and Safety Executive test lasts for 45 minutes and is a compilation of 50 multiple choice questions.

The test is obligatory for individual trades people wishing to work at height. This would apply to roofers, scolder's, plasterers, and even window cleaners amongst many others.

A certification will be issued immediately by the test centre once the final test has been taken. The test can cost between £25 and £43 depending on whom you go through.

NB. For dyslexic people and people with reading difficulties, many test centres accommodate these special needs.

This working at height mock tests includes a selection of practice questions which may or may not appear in the exam. The massive collection of questions available in the questions bank totals over 1000 different questions.

The answers to the following mock questions are at the foot of the page.

Question 1

How many points of contact should a person have on a ladder at all times ?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

Question 2

What should a person do if they discover that the ladder they are going to use is damaged ?

a) Continue to do your work on the ladder, but avoid the damaged section

b) Report the damage at the end of the shift

c) Inform all other workers that the ladder is damaged

d) Fix it yourself to be able to continue working

Question 3

What does this sign indicate?

a) Only run across this roof

b) Fragile roof

c) One person at a time on this roof

d) Wet roof

Question 4

How many people can work on a ladder at the same time?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) As many as required to complete the task in hand.

Question 5

At what height is a person considered to be 'working at height'?

a) 2 feet

b) 1 meter

c) 2 meters

d) Any height above or below ground level.

Question 6

Why should you never paint a ladder?

a) Because you may hide damage

b) Because the paint will aid in rusting

c) Because the shimmering effect in the sun may dazzle the user

d) Because paint makes the ladder more slippy

Question 7

What does this sign mean?

a) Please balance carefully on the scaffolding

b) Incomplete scaffolding

c) Only walk on the scaffolding

d) Please finish the scaffolding

Question 8

If you wish to prevent people from falling through fragile roofs, you should...

a) Stop them from working in groups

b) Inform them as to which panels are fragile

c) Cover over the damaged panels with boards

d) Do not allow them near the roof

Question 9

Blue signs mean?

a) Instructions are optional

b) Instructions are mandatory

c) Instructions are only for labourers

c) Instructions are only for during office hours.

Question 10

Which one of these surfaces would you not place a mobile scaffold tower unit on?

a) An asphalt road

b) Concrete

c) Wooden decking

d) An uneven playground

Question 11

What are toe boards used for when working at height?

a) To clean the underneath of your boots

b) To stop workers dangling their feet over the edge

c) To prevent tools and materials from falling over the edge

d) To prevent children from climbing on the scaffold.

Question 12

Who can remove scaffold guard rails?

a) The person who wishes to work in the area

b) A qualified scaffolder only

c) Anyone whom is told to do so

d) Its the labourers job

Question 13

What should a person do to ensure that a ladder does not slip?

a) Tie it off at the top

b) Get a person to stand on the bottom rung

c) Put a piece of wood underneath

c) Have another person hold both ladder rails

Question 14

At what time is it permissible to have two people on the same ladder at the same time?

a) When the site supervisor instructs them to do so

b) When the work schedule is behind time

c) Never

d) Only if there is not another ladder available

Question 15

If you are working above height and over water, what Personal Protection Equipment would you require?

a) A harness, lanyard and a life jacket

b) A harness, goggles and a life jacket

c) Goggles, life jacket and a safety net

d) None of the above


Question 1 - c

Question 2 - c

Question 3 - b

Question 4 - a

Question 5 - d

Question 6 - a

Question 7 - b

Question 8 - d

Question 9 - b

Question 10 - d

Question 11 - c

Question12 - b

Question 13 - a

Question 14 - c

Question 15 - a

This mock exam for the working at height certificate is a sample of the questions that may be on the actual HSE exam.


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