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23 Best Sites to Make Money Online As A Freelance Writer

Updated on March 8, 2015
Make money grow. Write online
Make money grow. Write online

Possible reasons why you are reading this article maybe that you are a freelance writer who seeks to make income online line. Lets be precise, say you wanna grow your money. If that is so, let me assure you that you have come to the right place. Just as you and I are looking for good sites to publish our articles for few dollars with less effort, there are as many blogs and website owners also looking for talented writers to write for their sites. Equally so are freelance markets magazine and e-zines that you can sell your articles to. This hub will show you precisely where to find those freelance job sites, writing magazines and e-zines where you can market your articles for income. Continue reading.

Few days ago, I had a chat with a Facebook friend regarding income earning opportunity with hub pages as a freelance writer. His first question was “Well If I joined Hub Pages, where do I promote my hubs”. He is a regular Facebook user. My friend posts more than five times in his wall and shares his post with his other friends and me. This means, my dear friend spends more time online but doesn’t know he could turn that wasted time into money making time. That is the question that prompted me to prepare this hub. So as a new hubber, you have just signed up and produce your first hub. Congratulations. What’s next? Just live your hub there expecting people to come your way and read it? I am sorry to say this but it doesn’t work that way. You can't make your money grow this way. Not only in hub pages but even in your personal blogs or websites or even other publishing sites.

Successful freelance writers not only write for one site. That is why you have to approach freelance writing with a liberal mind. Keep looking out for writing jobs available online. Some are very competitive to join. For instance, sites like Academic Writing. Com observes strict requirement for writers to maintain the premium quality of work their site produces. Others are very easy to join. For instance, Prospect only required basic personal data and you are in. Some like Hub Page is even free to join. If you haven’t joined yet, join here.

You may ask me, where do I find these writing job sites or freelance markets? I have the answer for you. Keep reading till the end. On the last page you will find the list of top five highly ranked sites for freelance writing jobs on Google page ranks. I don’t claim to know how Google page ranking algorithm works. What I understand as a freelance writer who uses Google 24/7 is this: Google most probably places the best, highly quality and relevant articles around a certain key word (s) on its first page. That in essence includes the first ten or twenty articles listed on the first and second page. Thousands and millions of articles that follow after are irreverent, low quality articles that Google dumps there to keep its’ site looking impressive enough for its users.

Now talking about freelance markets, here I present to you few popular freelance markets you can check out in your own time and write and grow your money as I always say. There are countless freelance markets out there you can source out from the web or off line. What I presented here may not be what you are used or expect it to be. If you are new to one or twoor all of the freelance markets presented, than you are just as lucky as a vendor who bumps into a gold nugget on a busy street unexpectedly.

If you have known one or all of these markets, let’s say you take it as a refresher. Ideas do grow out of old and outdated if we don’t use them for a while. Why not give a go at this one.

Grow Money with Consumer Magazines

I have researched this market meticulously and it pays best as compared to the other two I will discuss later on. These magazine are literary, the popular ones. One you get to see every now and then. Maybe you find them in the grocery store check-out line, airline seat pocket etc. I often find men’s and women’s magazines in CDs or fashion shops. Other special interest magazine like travel, health, cooking, romance, writing and the list is endless can be found elsewhere. For example, in PNG, there is a special edition of women’s magazine call New Age Women. This is the market many freelance writers try to break into. If you are determined enough, you can break into this market and enjoy good income as a freelance writer. Check out your local and regional consumer magazines.

Grow Money with Literary Magazines

I came across this market quit unexpectedly. As a poet and aspiring author, I usually come across countless literary magazines, locally and abroad. In terms of income,they don’t pay much. But if you look at it in a positive perspective as I do, what this market lacks in income, it makes up for it in prestige. Think of yourself this way. You are a commodity yourself. You can’t sell well if potential customers don’t know you quality. So how do you market yourself? Simple. Use literary magazines to make your presence felt online and offline. I wouldn’t have been convinced enough to pursue a full time freelance writing career if I had not published few of my work in free publishing local literary sites. Most of my poems have now been compiled into my first book titled Poetry for Non-Poets-Contemporary PNG Poetry. My book will be released soon. My poetry readers have been my biggest inspiration leading to me pursuing full time career as a freelance writer. Often published by colleges and universities, their circulation is usually regional and low. They generally seek scholarly essays, intellectually challenging prose, poetry, and book reviews. Check out your local and regional literary magazines.

Grow Money with Trade Journals

As the title says it, trade journal is the market that focuses on a particular occupation/industry. Pay varies greatly depending on different industries. Great emphasis is placed on the quality of information you have and not much on how well you write it.In general, your written eloquence is not as important as your research and timely knowledge for these publications. Publications under this cover everything about every line if work from selling stamps to selling cars to stock trading and real estate so on and so forth. If you know are great deal about an industry, you can join this market and write for income. Check out your local trade journals.

Grow Money with E-Zines

This is the market that possesses tremendous income earning potential but often taken for granted. This market is online in nature. Most of the e-zine is found online. The good thing about e-zine articles is that no printing cost is involved. E-zine magazines have their own terms and conditions that you must carefully follow to be accepted or be allowed to remain writing for them. You can write just about anything under the sun and the pay varies greatly.The most popular sites (Word and Wired, for example) pay quite well. `

But if you still uncertain, simple go to browser and type in “freelance writing markets” in colons as shown below for specific results. Once done, craft your article and send it to the market

There are tons of ways to find markets that are open to freelancers. Finding places to submit your work is easy if you know where to look. Now that you know, learn how to contact them!

23 Best sites that offer freelance writing jobs

As promised earlier on, here are the lists of 23 highly ranked freelance writing job sites on Google page ranks

1. Elance

2. Guru

3. ScriptLance (free)

4. OZlance (free)

5. Freelance Writing

6. Journalism jobs

7. Get A Freelancer

8. Suit 101 (free sign up)

9. iFreelance (Paid member ship)

10. Helium

11. Craiglist (free to use)

12. Pro Blogger Job Board

13. oDesk

14. Bizreef (

15. Triond –Like Helium


17. htttp:// (free)



20. WriterLance

21. Constant content –Similar to Helium

22. Demand Studios

23. Jobsinworld

Your view

If you found the hub useful, drop your comment below. I will add more as time goes by. Hope you enjoyed and learnt something to help your make your money grow.


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    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 2 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      You welcome Karu

    • profile image

      Karu Philly 2 years ago

      Bro, the articles are very helpful and now have fair idea where to begin

    • Anjali Joshi profile image

      Anjali 2 years ago from Rajkot, Gujarat

      i searched in google in many times for job related sites as well for freelancing work for part time. i got many good sites some are here:

    • profile image

      Diana 3 years ago

      This is crsaytl clear. Thanks for taking the time!

    • AmazonGenius profile image

      AmazonGenius 5 years ago

      Looks like Neo wrote this article

    • Mellonyy profile image

      Mellonyy 5 years ago

      Thanks for these great freelance writing jobs!

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      What up? You made it sound so right up and straight forward. from a newby thank you.

    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 5 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      Thanks Ian for these great tips. You certainly seem to spend a lot of time researching. I hope it pays off for you.

    • TToombs08 profile image

      Terrye Toombs 5 years ago from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map.

      A very interesting, useful and helpful guide to finding some great freelance site, Ian. Great job!