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Freelance Writers: Why Making $100 or More Per Day in Passive Income Online Is Possible for You

Updated on December 15, 2009

Freelance writers are ahead of the game when it comes to making passive income online

If you’re a freelance writer, especially one who knows search engine optimization (SEO), then you have all the skills you need to make at least $100 per day in passive online income. “Doing what?” you ask. Affiliate marketing, of course. Following are four reasons why this is particularly suited to your SEO and freelance writing skills.

1. Writing Is a Skill: When you sell anything, you have to convince them to buy. And this begins with the written word – even if it’s an interactive media format like video, you still need a script.

And in particular you need benefits-oriented, persuasive, “get out the credit card and buy” copy. This takes skill – a skill you as a freelance writer undoubtedly possess – otherwise, you would have any clients, right?

You have a huge advantage over others because many who try to make $100 or more per day online – or any money online – are new to not only writing, but marketing and SEO copywriting as well.

So, score one for you!

2. Internet Savvy: If you’re a freelance writer, you know your way around the internet. It’s part of your job. And, if you write SEO copy, you probably spend more time online than you want to, right? This means you know how to research online; you know “web speak”, eg, what a blog is, what landing page is, what keyword density is; how to upload, download and zip/unzip files, etc.

All of this is key to necessary to succeed as an affiliate marketer. While others are climbing the learning curve, you’re off doing the really important stuff that it takes to make at least $100 per day in passive income online, ie, finding the right product(s) to promote.

3. Internet Marketing: As mentioned above previously here, most newbies – and even some experienced online marketers -- fail at affiliate marketing because they never learned how to market. It is a skill.

As a freelance (SEO) writer, you’re used to selling online. After all, you market your services all the time. And, you probably write a good deal of sales and web copy for clients.

You also know a lot of the free and low-cost marketing tools it takes to sell goods and services online, eg, a website, a blog, article directories (eg, article marketing), etc.

4. SEO: Knowing SEO is an extremely valuable tool in selling affiliate products and making passive income online. As a freelance writer, you are probably well versed in a lot more than you think, eg, what keywords are, what keyword density is, how to use keyword discovery tool, how to write keyword-rich articles, what black hat tactics are, etc.

Even if you don’t have all of this specialized knowledge, you’re well equipped to find out. If you’re an SEO copywriter, you are light years ahead of the competition in this area!

Affiliate Marketing: How to Choose an Affiliate Product to Sell

One of the quickest ways is to go to a major affiliate product site like Clickbank or CommissionJunction or PepperjamNetwork and select a product. Once you get up and going with one, select another one to start promoting. And rinse and repeat. And, automate when you can, for the biggest obstacle in making passive income online – whether it’s $100 per day or $20 per day – is maximizing your time.

Length of Time to Make $100/Day Online

How long do you think it would take you to make $100/day in passive income online?

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