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Top 100 Websites to Make Money

Updated on April 25, 2017

Freelance Writing : Top 100 Websites for Making Money

Free lance article writing websites are one of the most useful platform for making money online. There are hundreds of such web sites dealing with different topics in which an account holder can write and publish articles, reviews and how to do guides on wide range of subjects.

Benefits of Freelance Writing

There are web sites which deals with all subjects and those concentrate on a specialised area. A freelance writer can create content on his areas of interest and publish it on the subject related freelance website. It is a creative activity which satisfies the writer's urge to write and get published.

Top 10 Article Writing Websites in the World

Info Barrel

How it Works ?

The writers can earn money from their published article depending up on the traffic on the web page that they have created. To get good traffic the content of the web page should be unique, interesting and appealing. The topic selected and the way of presentation have also a vital role in getting web traffic. The social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Orkut can be used for more visibility and publicity. Blogs are also helpful to draw the visitors attention. Back linking sites also can augment the visitors flow.

The income of freelance writing websites is mainly from the affiliate networks, ad revenue and Google AdSense. These sites shares their income with the content writers. Some sites like Hub pages does not pay directly to the writers. They allow ads in the web pages and the writers will get a share of income after signing themselves with affiliate networks and Google AdSense. Freelance sites like Squidoo pays the writers putting their content pages into four tiers. Some sites give an outright payment to the authors.


Top Article Writing Websites

Freelance Article Writing Websites

  1. Hubpages

  2. Squidoo

  3. Zujava

  4. Helium

  5. Examiner

  6. Info Barrel

  7. ehow

  8. Textbroker

  9. Bukisa

  10. Triond

  11. Constant Content


  13. Zujava

  14. Wizzley

  15. Suite101

  16. EcopyWriters

  17. Amazon Mechanical Turk

  18. Associated Content

  19. Share Your Expertise

  20. FireHow

  21. Seekyt

  22. Factoidz

  23. The Free Resource

  24. Yahoo! Contributor Network

  25. Xomba

  26. YouPublish

  27. LookingForClues

  28. OurEcho

  29. Web Answers

  30. RightCopywriter?

  31. PrintNPost

  32. All Information is FREE

  33. Demand Studios

  34. Developer Shed

  35. ContentSpree

  36. HowHub

  37. Consumer Search

  38. Bright Hub

  39. ChickLitReview

  40. Zestbit

  41. Conjecture

  42. EcopyWriters

  43. Article Content Provider

  44. Mahalo

  45. CopyPress

  46. Academic Essay Writers

  47. Complex Search

  48. Learning Through History

  49. Content Corp

  50. Landscaping Ideas Online

51 Experts123

52 Letter Rep

53 Content Current

54 Life Tips

55 eCopywriters

56 EduWriters

57 Looking for Clues

58 Google Knol

59 Love To Know

60 Manuscripts Services

61 On Point @ Home

62 How To Do Things

63 Type-A-Mom


65 Content Gurus

66 Developer Tutorials

67 Site Point

68 The Forward


70 Break Studios

71 Cloud Crowd – Facebook

72 Article Income

73 Academic Experts

74 Digital Journal

75 Active Trader

76 Craft Gossip

77 AuctionBytes

78 The News Room

79 Boyd Mills Press

80 CopyDesk


82 Content Divas

83 ResuMayDay

84 Commonties

85 CM Copywriting

86 Essay Writers

87 Letter Rep

88 PureContent

89 Cloud Crowd

90 PhotoBird

91 Quarasan

92 Busted Halo

93 QualityGal

94 Rewind the Fifties

95 Rural Heritage

96 Scripted

97 Self Help Guides

98 Sierra Club Magazine

99 Sign Industry

100 Speak About It

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