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Freelancer: 5 Reasons Why You Should Quit That Dead-End Job and Become A Writer

Updated on December 9, 2012

To the right is another illustration that I think helps drive a point home...about redefining ourselves and our lives including the types of jobs that we have.

I'm writing this hub sitting in my dining room a few days removed from quitting my dead-end job at a local big box home improvement store. I won't mention the name of this store but it really was a job that in my case was going to go nowhere.

In today's ever changing job market, an individual with some basic knowledge of the rules of Grammar can start a home based writing business of their own for little to no cost, and I want to share with you five reason why today is the day to do just that!

5) Work Whenever You Want

This may seem like it's not such an important thing to consider, and yet it really is. Hey there’s no time card to punch when you’re the boss. You can start to work whenever the fancy strikes you.

If you happen to work better in the evenings, then that's fantastic. If you’re an early riser, then get that cup of coffee, and start writing.

The point is, you decide when to start your workday, while other people are getting dressed to march to the cadence of their job’s work drum, you march to your own drum. It's your work day, start it when you want!

And you never have to leave the confines of home to do it…unless you want to of course.

4) Work Doesn’t Have to Hurt

Does work have to hurt? Well, for me up until a few days ago, work actually hurt me. I was working part time in the lumber department of that dead-end job I was referring to earlier, and yes it hurt.

The job was physically demanding and draining, and from a purely mental outlook, this job was wearing me down and affecting my overall attitude.

It certainly was affecting how I was interacting with fellow employees and customers.

It’s bad enough that most Americans have to go to jobs that they barely can tolerate, but should these jobs have the ability to physically and mentally hurt us also?

Not if you’re working for yourself at something that you love doing it doesn’t.

3) Job VS Career

When you get up in the morning and take a look in the mirror to start your work day what do you see? In my case I saw a man who hated going to his job. And I want to make the distinction here; this was a job and not a career.

There would be no job advancement here. No chance to build a career for myself at this place of servitude, and at my age and after a full year plus of being unemployed and beginning to carve out a path for something better, I opted out of the drudgery of this dreaded job and I’m back trying to build my career.

2) The Learning Curve

With any new endeavor there will be a learning curve, and that’s just to be expected. But that doesn’t mean you should look at that as an excuse not to attack the training that you need to advance your career.

In my case, I am in the middle of a course on copywriting and I’ve only just begun to actually devour my training. I’ve come to the conclusion (after a few false starts, detours and even a setback or two) that I have to complete this training in order to advance my career if I want to earn better money and actually have a career.

And the #1 reason why you should Quit That Dead-End Job and Become a Writer is…

Because there is an abundance of tools available that can get you started very easily on the path to a writing career.

When I started writing, I started as a blogger more than seven years ago. The thing is, for me blogging was more of a hobby than a career. At the time I began blogging, I was working a different full time job, and while I did have a few opportunities at that job…in the end they led nowhere.

Most of you know my story by now... unemployed at the end of 2010, and I just started to write freelance articles for other people and also for the “content mills’ as they are often referred to as by many copywriters.

Today there are many resources to start or further a writing career…but I want to warn anyone thinking of entering this field one thing that I did not mention because I wanted to save it for this place in this hub is this…like anything else, if you really want this type of career, be ready to roll up your sleeves (figuratively speaking) because like any other career, while you’re the boss you have to be willing to put the time into what you’re doing in order to succeed at it…

but if not there’s always that job flipping burgers, washing dishes, or helping a snotty customer with their 80lb bags of cement, and they want you to load them into the back of their little Toyota corolla... and here’s .50 cents for your trouble.

Lew Newmark is the owner of KeyWords Media and Lew


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