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Freelancer: Breaking From Writing

Updated on December 9, 2012

Hello and Welcome to a new edition of Freelancer here on Hubpages. Before I get to the meat of this hub, I want to announce that I will be starting a Freelancer Podcast in January and I'm very excited about it. I'll announce when the first podcast will be available so stay here on these pages for more info as I'm able to provide it for you.

Okay, so lets get right o the point of this hub...what happens when you take a break from writing for anyone, any project, any endeavor?

Well, I'd like to refer to this as having the cobwebs or you're missing your chops, or something along the line of you've lost some of your ability to write decent words!

In my case over this past year I've had to take on regular season full time positions that have led no where (at least for the moment they haven't anyway) and what's happened every time that I've done this?

Well, on average I've been away from writing at least three to four months for each position that I've held in the real world (at the moment I'm working for a local merchandising warehouse and I await my fate as my health has deep sixed and I'm on "light duty" and I've been away from this job since this past Monday) so what exactly have I experienced in regard to my writing abilities...well how about a total lack of confidence in my writing ability....

I actually took a writing assignment the other day from one of the content mills, had 48 hrs to complete it and due to personal issues and generally not being able to sit in front of my laptop and actually focus on the assignment.

Had to ask for a 24hr extension, which was given to me without a problem, but there was still a problem. The assignment itself was to write copy for a brand new UK Dental site that refers people that come to it to other dental professionals.

They wanted 11 pages of written content. I wrote those pages to the best of my ability and delivered them to the client, and guess what? The client had a ton of revisions that they wanted done....I dropped the assignment back into the writing pool, and as far as I know it was still sitting there yesterday.

So what I'm trying to say to anyone whose a writer (in any capacity) as I've been told many imes (and now I'm telling you here) always try to write something everyday, even if what you're writing is a short piece.

The advantage here is that at the very least your not letting what you've already learned become lost to you or using the analogy of working our muscles use it or lose it.

Using it each day is what we as writers should be striving for...take it from me, I've lost it more than once this year, and it's very hard to get back into when you have to pretty much start from scratch all over again.

Lew Newmark is the be all and know all of KeyWords Media, an online company offering several types of writing services.


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