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Freelancer: Don't be Afraid of your Inner You

Updated on December 9, 2012

Hello and welcome to Freelancer. This is my second hub using this title and hopefully you've read the first one titled "A Full Year of Writing for Other People" I'm not sure if this will be a continuing series here on Hubpages yet...we'll have to see how this works out.

As I was writing some web copy for my website, KeyWords Media there was something that finally dawned on me about my writing... I don't always let my "inner me" shine through in my content, and that's a shame really.

What I've found after a full year of serious writing on the web is that the writer is expected to write in different "voices," each separate voice, reflective of the actual project that the writer's taken on.

The requirements of writing using different voices can be quite confusing, and in lot's of ways may actually cause you to lose sight of the person behind the writer. So what can we do to make sure that this doesn't happen?

Well unfortunately there's not a lot that you can do when you're writing other folk's copy, it's just part of the business...but you can take the time to write articles and other copy that reflects that inner person that's hiding behind the facade that you create when you sit behind that keyboard.

With my business site, I had to rewrite some of my services pages in order to attract new clients, and my buddy did my home page for me, and that page that he wrote made me take a few steps back in order to reevaluate how I would write those service pages.

I have to tell you that writing isn't just about the words that we put on the's about art.

That's right, my friend showed me that there's an art to writing copy. Copy that reflects who you are through the words that you put down on a written page...words that define who you really are. And let me tell you, those pages were the hardest pages of copy that I've had to write all year.

When I write my Hubs on Hubpages, I try to let that inner voice along with my personality shine with everything Hub that I create for this site, and hopefully if you've found yourself in the same position that I find myself in, you take the time to write things that reflect just who you are and let's your "inner you" shine through...because the rest of the time you're just a writer who's writing words for other people.

Lew Newmark is the owner of KeyWords Media, a business that works with small and large businesses to help build brand awareness and drive organic search results to their business sites.


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