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Freelancer : It's 2013! Time To Take Your Freelancing Seriously

Updated on January 14, 2013

Hello and welcome to 2013 and the first edition of Freelancer for the new year here on Hubpages!

So we're almost halfway through the first month of 2013. Are you busy with lots of writing assignments or are you just sitting there in front of a blank computer screen?

It's a serious question and if your answer’s your computer screen is blank, then you’re starting the year off on the wrong foot.

Listen, it's time to shake things up and start treating freelancing for what it is...a career, not just a job or a way to make a living.

This is the approach that I'm using this year, and it's one you should embrace as well. In my case the reason for this new approach is very simple...I was diagnosed with another vascular condition this past November and I've come to the conclusion that someone wants me to take this writing thing seriously.

So how do we do that, I mean it's easier said than done right?

Well it's all about attitude and approach.

Look, just because we work from the comfort of our homes, in sweats or jeans or even our pajamas, it doesn't mean we can take the lazy man approach to this.

2013 is the year to think like an entrepreneur, because in essence that's who we are. So what can we do to make this whole freelance thing a real business?

Well, we have to become detail oriented.

Getting Organized

Honestly this is the biggest step. You have to put a system in place that you use each and every day, and as always I'm going to be honest here and admit that this is very tough for me to do.

So in order to overcome this mountainous obstacle, here’s the approach I’m taking!

  • I’m going to buy a journal to keep track of everything I do. The journal’s going to have entries for every job I accept, what I'm getting paid for each job, and how long it took me to write that article
  • I’m also going to keep track of every pitch I make, if it’s accepted and what if anything I get paid for that idea
  • I will apply to at least three different companies that offer freelance writing positions, and I’m going to do this every day
  • I will write at least three articles a day
  • Oh and the most important thing that I'm going to do is make sure that I don't suffer from burnout.

Avoiding Burnout

Let's face facts.

If you're truly trying to earn a living as a freelance writer (did I just say earning a living?) then you’re going to be making love to your PC an awful lot, and your better half will no doubt begin to question who you love more...but that's the reality of a writer.

You’re going to be in front of that computer an awful lot, because as I've said before freelancing takes a lot of dedication and hard work. From pitching ideas to an editor to finishing that assignment before its deadline, the writer's life style isn't all fun in the sun and sipping Pina Coladas.

My mentor wrote about the trials and tribulations of running a successful business copy writing business, and I was sort of privy to some of what he was going through at that time.

So what to do to avoid burnout?

Make sure that you take ample time to just ...Disconnect!

Step Away From the Laptop People...Nothing to see seriously take a break.Unwind, take the time to relax. Have a drink with your friends.

Do whatever, but the easiest way to avoid feeling like you’re just too tired to write something is to take a break

Writing for Yourself First

Honestly there are times where I just cannot get motivated enough to write anything. At times like this, I'll often just write something for myself. When I write something here on Hubpages for example that’s just something for me to share with you.

I don’t have a deadline to meet when I write a hub here, all I have to do is write and let my imagination and creativity take over…not something I allow myself to do often enough I’m afraid.

One of the things that I've noticed at the time I've been doing this is my avoidance of reaching beyond my boundaries or limitations. Some people think I write very well and have the chops to make this a great career, but I realize that I also hold myself back a little bit because I’m afraid to explore other areas of writing.

One thing that I’m going to do this year is write a few pieces that are more descriptive. I want to expand on my vocabulary I want to step outside my comfort zone and write a few pieces that will force me to be more imaginative, more creative, and more descriptive in my writing.

I think that’s important as well. Another close friend of mine once said to me that (and again this will sound very clique) but he said to me that it’s “never too late to learn something new”…I think that I will take that advice and use it for all it’s worth.


This should be self explanatory. This year, let’s make it our business to find what we really enjoy writing about and make that a specialty. At the same time, make sure that your specialty is something that’s in demand.

There are millions of web surfers who on a daily basis surf the web for information that they can use…please pay attention to this part of that sentence…information that they can use.

If we cannot provide that to someone who’s looking for information they can use, why would they want bother reading what you have to say, much less hire you to write something for them.

Well that’s it folks, that’s my approach and that’s my attitude toward freelancing this year, and trust me you can feel it in my writing.

That’s right, I said you can feel it in my writing, that attitude that what I’m saying in my articles actually matters to others.

I have to believe this because my career is based on it, and without that belief in my passion…well I’m just another guy sitting in front of a keyboard, stringing letters together to just make words.

Make this your year to take your freelance career to the next level.

Lew Newmark is the be all and end of of KeyWords Media


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