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Freelancer: The End of My Journey

Updated on December 9, 2012

Hi there all.

Well I'm afraid that this will be the last time that I write a Freelancer Hub, and the reason for this is that I've decided to focus more on blogging, finishing a course on Copy writing from AWAI and less on writing articles for content mills...even a better one such as Writer Access.

When I started my business Keywords Media in the middle of 2011, I was taking what little I already knew about writing from my experience writing blog posts and using that to build my business.

While I did have some success doing freelance article writing for some of the content mills, what I found was that I wasn't able to make a decent income doing it. It's also amazing the role an arbitrary number plays in how you earn a living doing this.

Here are some of the things that I've learned from taking freelance writing jobs from content mills and other clients...

  • Many private clients have no idea the work involved in establishing a new website
  • Content Mills are not a way to earn a decent income
  • Content Mills can change the playing field with one "Number" adjustment
  • Many content mill clients have no idea about the proper use of keywords in their article content and really don't care about that either
  • Too many of these mills enforce these "AP Writing Styles" which really have no place in writing web content that attracts an audience.

The Advantage of Blogging Over Writing SEO Article Content

I hate re-iterating the same tired phrase ad nauseum but unfortunately it's a phrase that holds true...Content is King.

As a blogger what that means is that I really kind of toss SEO out the window.

Why you ask...because in blogging SEO really is secondary to writing content that attracts readers and builds an audience of loyal followers who come to your blog for it's content, not it's keyword phrases.

I'd rather write a great review about the new Batman animated video then write content that's meant to attract search engine robots and web crawlers every time.

That being said, I've decided to work a crappy job four days a week, ten hours a day and have three days off to concentrate on my writing chores and to eventually advance my copy writing efforts.

The other thing about blogging is that I can promote and sell products through affiliate marketing, picking and choosing products and or services that are in line with my blog writing...and of course I can even promote my own products as I create them to market through those blogs.

In closing this hub, I want to spur those of you on who are doing well writing for such companies as Writer Access and Textbroker and I salute your tenacity and your ability to work the numbers game in order to earn the income that you're earning doing it.

It takes an awful lot of conviction in my opinion to do what's required to make a living writing for these types of clients...and please understand that when I'm ready I will go back to writing for Writer Access, but for the moment I just do not have the time nor the heart to work for peanuts at the moment.

But that's not to say that those peanuts won't come in handy in the future, so good luck to all of you and I hope to speak with you all again somewhere down the line as my path takes a left at the fork in the road...

Lew Newmark is the be all and know all of KeyWords Media, an online company offering several types of writing services.


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    • animekid profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Upstate NY

      I want to thank the both of you for taking the time to leave your comments here. I had started writing a few articles here and there through Textbroker a few years ago. When I found myself unemployed at the end of 2010 I started to do some work for them again, and started to search for other places to write.

      I started KeyWords Media in 2011, after some mentoring from someone whom I came in contact with through LinkedIn, looking to make a killing as a copy writer trying to market to local businesses in the area where I live.

      Needless to say that did not turn out the way I had hoped, so it was back to working crap jobs and putting my career on the back burner as having a weekly or bi-weekly income for the moment was a necessity.

      So it's work then when I'm able it's study the copy writing course through AWAI, and also do blogging here and on my three blog sites to generate that passive income that Marketing Merit mentioned. Thanks for the support and I wish you both the best for your future endeavors and pursuits.

    • Marketing Merit profile image

      C L Grant 

      5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Best of luck with your blogging venture Animekid.

      I tend to agree with your sentiments entirely.

      I did things differently to you insofar as I have a series of websites already as I don't particularly like being wholly reliant on third party sites for my income.

      I have recently returned to HP though. The reason for doing this is that I prefer to build up a portfolio of income streams. I aim to reach a level whereby I am earning a regular monthly passive income from HP and I will slowly build upon that over time.

      I personally, could never write for some of the sites that you have referred to above. The rate of pay is an insult to the skill, intelligence and hard work of a writer.

      Have you considered writing short books for Kindle? This is something else that I am in the throes of at the moment.

      Anyway, my very best wishes. I hope it all works out for you! ;)

    • FL2BoysMom profile image


      5 years ago

      I've got a ton of notifications on Hubs I need to catch up with sitting in my inbox, but for some reason, I was compelled to click on this one today, and I'm glad I did. I salute you. Competing on price and writing for the content mills, (especially SEO writing) is for the birds. I gave up that ghost a long time ago when like you, I decided I wanted to engage readers, not robots. Good luck.


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