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Freelancer: Wave Goodby to 2012 & Hello to 2013

Updated on December 24, 2012
Love your work
Love your work

Seasons Greetings!

Welcome to another edition of Freelancer on Hubpages.

As another year comes to a close and we're just hours away from Christmas, I wanted to take a moment and do a little reflecting on the year that was, and on the year ahead of us.

For me this year was a mix of working regular jobs and doing freelance writing on the side, the same as the year before.

For the last two years pursuing a career as a writer (I won't even use the term "Freelance") were disappointing for me. Not because freelance writing didn't pan out...because I was too afraid to just do it on a full time basis.

Many of you have read my past Freelancer hubs. Hubs that have talked about my experiences with some of the "Content Mill" web sites such as Textbroker, Interact Media and Writer Access and I've also found myself in many conversations about those and other sites where a freelancer can find work that pays.

Unfortunately I did not have the conviction to do freelance writing on a full time basis, mostly because I lacked the confidence in my own abilities to just commit to it and say to hell with everything else.

The last few months have brought more changes in my health, and those changes have afforded me the opportunity to once again follow the path laid out before me...the path of the Freelance Writer...a path that I'm finally able to embrace with conviction and a renewed confidence in my abilities as a blogger and a freelance writer...let me share with you what the coming year holds for freelancers everywhere.

That graphic to the right is just a small representation of websites that are offering opportunities fro freelancers just like you and I.

And I already know because of two books that I've already shared with all of you in a recent hub called Two Invaluable Resources which is one of the books that I'm rifling through at the moment beacuse I have a plan that I intend to start following through with starting on Wednesday, the 26th of December.

But I'm getting a head of myself, I wanted to use that graphic to lead into a few links about online employment trends for 2013.

Let's start with Elance and this headline...The Profits Have Spoken: Five Online Work Predictions For 2013.

The article has five predictions, but for me the most telling one is #3 "The number of full-time employees who quit and turn to freelance will triple in 2013."

I'm not sure how many of those workers quitting their jobs will enter the field, but I already know that 2013 will see an increase in the world of online web copy, and that means more article writing, more blog writing and other related freelance projects that small and large companies will need to further their website projects.

Another prediction that struck a chord with me was #5 "Companies of all sizes will hire twice as many online workers in 2013."

This message makes things very loud and clear for all freelancers...the opportunities to earn a good living as a freelance services provider are going to be alive and well and surpassing the traditional job market in 2013. For the freelancer who isn't afraid to pursue a dream of better living on your own terms this is great news...and I'm very happy to embrace that dream...and make it real in 2013.

I'll leave everyone with one more headline from Elance that should bring a smile to all of our faces...Over 40% Online Job Growth in Q3 (Not A Typo).

I not sure how those figures equate for freelance writers but I'll go with the "Creative" color graph and that looks to me from the graph that demographic is in the 30 million dollar mark...I'd gladly take a small portion of that amount...and honestly (at least this year) I have taken a minute portion of that amount...but in 2013 I intend to take more, and you should too..


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