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Freelancer: Elance A New Revenue Stream

Updated on February 6, 2014

Welcome to the first new Freelancer of 2014!

I've been a freelancer now for more than three years and I've done a little bit of everything and by now (if you've read a few of these hubs) then you know that I've made the rounds of most of the writing platforms that are out there today.

While many new people who decide to get into freelance writing start out at places such as Textbroker, The Content Authority, Interact Media (now called Zerys) and of course Writer Access, sooner or later there comes a defining moment where for one reason or another you decide to take a chance and strike out on your own.

I encourage this decision because it's the next step in your evolution as a freelance writer. I feel that as content writers we can become to acceptable of the status quo taking assignments from one platform such as Writer Access or Zerys.

So you may be wondering what's the next step? How do I find work other than through these sites?

Elance Your Way to Success

Well there are other sites that where you can go to find writing projects, but it's not as easy as just snatching one up and starting to write it up. The one site that I'll mention here is called Elance.

Elance is one of several site where you can go to find work but it's set up a little different than say Wtriter Access or Zerys. With Elance you can search for available writing assignments, but the caveat here is that you have to write up a job proposal and pitch it to the person or company that is offering the job.

This can be both exhilarating and frustrating at the same time. If you've never written a job proposal to land a writing assignment, hold onto your hat folks because this is something that's really different.

The Basics of an Available Elance Assignment

Let's take a look at a job offering on Elance...

Copywriting and content architecture for a new squarespace website for a Los Angeles based car broker.

I have a site built with placeholder/starter copy. I am looking for a strategic eye to help guide site content architecture (e.g., what info goes where) and to refine or rewrite the copy. I have never had a website, so i'm open to ideas and fresh thinking.

I have several "competitor" site that I respect and would point you to for tone and ideas.

I also have somewhat of a strategic brief I can provide to help guide the effort. Target market ranges from Women (especially those who hate the car buying experience) to business managers (who are expecting excellent service for their clients).

Experience with Squarespace not a necessity for copy purposes.

Looking for someone excited about the challenge and who will approach this as a key business partner.

If all works out well, scope would expand to other projects, including but not limited to Facebook and other social network integration.

Crafting a Job Proposal

and here is a proposal for that job...

What do you believe in? If you genuinely believe in something, that belief becomes a part of who you are. At***** Media, we believe that you can.

other things that are a part of this bid include:

  • The name of the bidding person or company
  • The number of jobs they've completed
  • Their earnings (I'm assuming this is a total earnings amount on Elance)
  • Where they are from
  • Their average job rating

You will also see the client's country of origin, their job budget for this project, how many days are left before they select a proposal.

There is more information in this listing but I did provide the important highlights that you would need to know about as you start preparing you're bid proposal.

I'm going to end this article at this point because the next installment will explore writing a proposal for a job that you've found on Elance.

Lew Newmark is the creative mind behind the website KeyWords Media


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