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80 French Dog Names: Male & Female

Updated on January 2, 2015

Oui-oui! (“wee-wee!” or yes yes) finally, we can discuss some French! French dogs, that is. Just like people, dogs have nationalities, too.

Although the breeds may not typically be associated with a country, everyone and every dog has a country of origin.

Dogs of France

There’s actually quite a few different dog breeds that are both originating from and common in the wonderful country of France. When people think france, a lot of times, a fancy Poodle comes to mind! Although this is accurate as far as where they originated, this is not the only dog there.

Other dog breeds from France include:

  • French Bulldog
  • French Spaniel
  • Picardy Spaniel
  • Bloodhound
  • Basset Hound
  • Artois Hound
  • Chien-Gris
  • Dogue De Bordeaux
  • Great Pyrenees
  • Griffon breeds

The list is actually quite long, with many breeds having names from a French tongue. If you are an avid dog show viewer, then you are probably well aware of these breeds and how great they are! Remember though, where the dog comes from does not determine whether or not they’d make a good dog. All dogs are beautiful and loving creatures given the proper care and environment!


French Dog Names

Perhaps the most fun part about deciding to get a dog that is of French origin is giving it a French name! After all, it’s never a bad idea to give them a piece of their own culture. French dog names can be fun to look for, but you should probably follow these few tips when thinking of French dog names:

  • Sound: Does the name sound like any silly words of your own native tongue? For instance, Oui-oui, pronounced “weewee” can sound like a name of urine or slang for the male anatomy to an American, even though in French, it simply means “yes,” which is still a silly thing to name a dog.
  • Meaning: As in the above example, meaning in a French dog name is important! Just because it sounds cool and French chic, you could be naming your dog “Yes.” Or worse.
  • Gender: Pick a name that just sounds like the gender of your dog. There’s nothing more annoying than someone thinking your furbaby is a male when she is clearly a female. Am I right? Oui-oui.

With the above tips in mind, any list you already had prepared may have been dwindled down to nearly nothing, which is a good thing! Just in case you need some help, though, I’ve prepared a list of French dog names, categorized by gender.

Alerion- young eagle
Emeline- one who flatters
Fifi- God will add
Beau- handsome
Naeva- first woman
Destin- destiny
Adele- noble
Beale- handsome
Brigit- strong
Blondel- blonde
Ariane- holy
Russel- redhead
Avril- Springtime
Sebastien- revered
Calice- flower
Laron- thief
Ninon- girl
Montgomery- wealthy man
Elayna- bearer of light
Brunelle- black/dark hair
Champagne- French province
Germaine- from Germany
Bella- beautiful
Coty- hillside
Melisande- honey bee
Lukas- bearer of light
Ivette- young archer
Garner- guard
Caprice- whimsical
Victoir- victor
Jacyline- supplanter
Gage- pledge
Orva- golden
Ray- royal
Monet- noble
Delmon- mountain
Daja- occurring before
Davet- loved
Maurelle- dark
Marius- sailor
Pippi- rosey cheeks
Gabin- religious/devoted to God
Joli- pretty
Guzman- good man
Blanche- white skin
Fraser- curly hair
Karmaine- pretty song
Lowell- young wolf
Suzette- rose
Duke- leader
Janina- gracious God
Matheo- gift of God
Brie- cheese
Mathys- gift of God
Colette- victory
Elroy- king
Mimi- see of bitterness
Gaston- from Gascony, France
Marguerite- pearl
Gaylord- merry/happy Lord
Leala- loyal
Filbert- brilliant
Cher- beloved
Enzo- ruler of the house
Jardena- garden
Gervais- honorable
Cera- red
Peppin- determined
Nadia- hopeful
Jules- youthful
Violeta- violet flowers
Simon- God has heard us
Aubree- noble
Tyson- son of Ty
Caroline- small but strong
Guy- warrior
Ruba- precious stone
Urson- like a bear
Charla- small but strong

Choosing the Perfect Name

Most of the French dog names above have good, strong, and positive meanings, with the exception of a few that just sound cool, for those who don’t care too much about the meanings.

If you want additional name suggestions, ask someone from France or Canada for some ideas and they will certainly be able to help you!

All that really matters in the end is that your furry, happy companion gets their name once and for all, whether it’s French or not!

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