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Freshers jobs for you to embrace success

Updated on August 29, 2014

Know where to begin

Once your college is over, the next thought which pops up in your mind must be, Where to look for Freshers jobs? This is a common dilemma through which each one of us must have went through. This is the most crucial moment of each one of our lives, as we are on the verge of either making it or breaking it. Making the right career choice is the most critical task, making a wrong decision will lead you to no where. To help you solve the puzzle of choosing which Freshers jobs to go for, this hub will guide you through various freshers jobs role that are promising and growth oriented, so that a feeling of being caught in a rut doesn't creep in.


Fresher job roles that you can explore

Bank executive: Career in the banking sector has always been considered as a secure and growth oriented career option. Banks do hire fresh graduates for various customer facing roles, and arm them with the skills essential for banking operations. Entry-level roles or Freshers jobs in banks are for the profiles of tellers, customer service executives and sales. The role which you may want to go for is entirely dependent upon your interests. The skills essential for being a successful hire in a bank job, you would need to demonstrate your ability to deliver your services with a smile, ability to communicate effectively, expert level of soft skills and interpersonal skills. Banks nowadays are looking for those candidates who posses the technical education or even if they don't, those with technical bent of mind also have innumerable freshers jobs open for them in the banking domain.

Business Development executive: Business development as a function, can be regarded as the mix of sales and strategic development of a company for higher volumes of sales and growth. Business development executives, work in teams spearheaded by a business development manager. A business development executives, is involved with devising strategies for marketing a particular product or a service in a particular territory. Business development is also involved in partnerships and merger, where the skills of account management comes into play, as they need to regularly coordinate with clients, customers or partners for efficient functioning of a project or a partnership. The future prospects and the career path for business development executives is well defined and growth oriented.

Sales Executive:
One of the most conventional and widely available Freshers jobs. A sales executive is generally assigned territories or a particular region to sell a product or a service, to retails, stockists or even directly to the customers. The earning potential of a sales executive is considerably higher, as they offer performance based incentives apart from their annual income, which gives a boost to their finances. A sales executive is responsible for driving sales of a company, by taking orders from existing customers and also by identifying potential customers or a marketplace. As a sales executive one can work in a variety of sectors, owing to the nature of job which is essential for each and every organization; irrespective of its sector of operation.

Human resource recruiter:
A Human resources executive is largely involved with; searching profiles of professionals over the internet, to fill up an opening in an organization. They are also responsible for briefing the candidates about the company and the job role. Once a candidate is successfully hired, they need to induct them and process their paperwork. Apart from hiring processes, human resources recruiters also take care of an employee benefits program, leaves, payroll and workplace issues, if any. As a human resource executive, you can reach to the top of the hierarchical pyramid of human resource function, being one of the most important roles in every organization, you will be under the umbrella of the constant rise in demands for skilled human resources professionals.


Annual remuneration for Freshers jobs

Freshers jobs offer annual remuneration which is as per the pay scale determined by the government. However, there are certain other factors that will play a vital role in calculating your annual remuneration. Educational background, grades, institution last attended are some of the primary factors that largely determine your annual remuneration. The other factors such as the nature of business, location and the size of the company you are employed with, affects your annual remuneration considerably. Expect an annual remuneration of Rs 2-3 Lakhs when opting for a Freshers jobs, and your earning potential will grow significantly in various stages of your career. Some employers also offer certain added benefits along with the annual compensation, such as; performance based incentives, paid holidays, meal vouchers and loyalty bonus, only once you complete a year with your organization. The above mentioned figure shall be your benchmark when appearing for a Freshers jobs interview, and settling for a figure anywhere in between shall be your objective, while negotiating with your recruiter.

Cities with the highest number of Freshers jobs

Freshers jobs can be found easily in any of the tier-I cities, however there are certain metros which overshadow other metro cities when it comes to the volume of Freshers jobs available. Bangalore, has the maximum number of Freshers jobs which can be credited to the broad spectrum of employers present here. One can start their career from any of IT companies, automobile manufacturers, BPO's and banks. Starting your career from Bangalore will set you on a fast paced career path, as the opportunities in the city of Bangalore are growth driven with bright future prospects. And as per a recent survey, Bangalore is the city with the highest pay packages to offer. Followe by Bangalore, Mumbai, the city of dreams managed a second standing with th number of Freshers jobs available here. Mumbai has always been known for its financial sector, which provides employment for a large section of the population living here. If you want to make a career in IT, Banking, Finance, Entertainment and Media, then Mumbai is the city to jump the bandwagon. The opportunities here are endless and as rewarding as the ones in the city of Bangalore.

Followed by Bangalore and Mumbai, Chennai managed a third standing in this comparison. Chennai has a prolifering IT, Automobile and Banking sector. Freshers jobs in Chennai are widely available with major multinational corporations, which are a great medium to start your career with. As a brand which you work for or have worked for, acts as a merit when mentioned on your resume making your future prospects brighter and higher.

Lastly, Pune scored the fourth spot with the number of Freshers jobs the city of Pune has in offer. As a fresher you can start your career with any of the IT Companies, BPOs and Digital marketing agencies. Pune is considered as a city where the paypackages are at par with those offered in Bangalore. Pune has a wide base of educational institutions, and has been a popular choice for college going students, owing to its student culture and enormous job opportunities. City of Pune has a lot to offer beyond Freshers jobs.



Finding the job of your dreams, is not a hurculean task with the efficient usage of the Internet. Gone are the times when one had to scout through classifieds and advertisements in the newspapers to find a Freshers jobs. Now you can easily find Freshers jobs listed all over the internet, which does require a significant amount of patience and persistence to meet with your desired job. Keeping your skills current and demonstrating a minimum level of value that you hold, should be your objective when appearing for an interview and the success shall be yours.


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