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Fueling Your Personal Brand at Work

Updated on February 5, 2016

Branding is important and can now be applied to much more than a business. You may not think that think term applies to you, but that is very inaccurate. With how popular social media has become, individuals have the ability to manage their reputation on a whole new level. This is true for job seekers, students, individuals who are employed, as well as business owners. A new standard in the work world is to check on employees through simple searches on the internet. How you display yourself on social media as well as how you interact with others creates an image of who you are.

Your personal brand displays who you are and what you want others to know you for. There are a few steps you can take to fuel your brand into your work. When you do your job well, it promotes yourself into a person who is good at your field. Furthermore, making yourself a part of the company will enable you to reach optimum success. When generating your own brand at work, there are multiple things you can do to stand out and create the best potential for advancements to other positions.

Offer Ideas and Suggestions - Many times, employees have an idea of how a job or task can be completed more efficiently or in a new and creative way. While other co-workers or managers may not like your idea, it never hurts to offer up suggestions.

Contribute in Meetings - Every meeting holds a diverse group of people, some who talk and others who sit back quietly. If you can contribute in any way, go ahead and do so. Managers and other individuals in higher roles notice those who are willing participants.

Go Above and Beyond - Do more than what your job requires without being asked. Customers enjoy complimenting individuals who provide great service. Your boss and other people who are a part of upper management will appreciate how hard you are working and definitely notice the impact you have on the company.

Help Others - Through being proactive and reaching out to others who need help, you can become the individual who people want to go to when they have a question. Being someone that your coworkers and boss can count on goes a long way in the workforce.

Get Involved - Even if you are a major contributor while you are at work, you can become part of the bigger community when you get involved in activities outside the work day. For example, join a committee, problem-solving group, or other extracurricular activities that have a direct impact on your job.

Gennady Barsky is a real estate mogul from NYC.


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