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Full-Time Freelance Writing

Updated on February 9, 2013

Become a Full-Time Freelance Writer Today!


How to Begin A Full-Time Freelance Writing Career

Starting a full-time freelance writing career isn't as difficult as you might think. Although it is important to know where to begin. The easiest form of freelance writing to get started with is web content. Anybody can write web content, although not anybody can write good web content. Of course you need to have a computer, a reliable internet connection and some sort of wordprocessing software as well. If you have those, and drive and determination to succeed, then there are a number of places online that beginner's can get started with, although these do not pay as well as other gigs they are a good place to get your feet wet and begin building up a portfolio.

1. Hubpages-If you are reading this article then you already are aware of Hubpages. Hubpages have a wonderful format that allows you the beginning freelance writer to write on any topic you like. The important thing is to write well so that your rating is good. While Hubpages does have a program for writers to earn money per article that they write, you have to have several well written hubs before this is an an option. In the meantime you can make money with ads from Google Adsense, Kontera, Amazon and a few others.

2. Yahoo Contributor Network-I started out writing for Associated Content which is now called the Yahoo Contributor Network eight years ago and that is how I initially built up my portfolio. While they do pay for articles, and you can write about whatever you like, they do not pay much, and they don't pay for every article. The real way to make money on YCN is not so much through what you are paid per article but through their Performance Program. The more articles you have with YCN and the higher your rating, they rate on a scale of 1 to 10, the more money you will make monthly from your performance payments. So, the idea with YCN is quantity as well as quality, because the better the articles you write, the more traffic you'll get, the higher your rating and the more you'll make. As I said they are a great way to build a portfolio.

3.Craig's List-Never underestimate the value of Craig's List. While the site is not what I or anyone else for that matter would call pretty, it gets the job done. Even better there are sections in all major cities for writing and editing jobs. While you have to be careful, because there are a lot of scammers out there, there are legitimate openings listed. The important thing with gigs from Craig's List to remember is that you get all your terms up front in writing, via e-mail is fine, before you do any writing. Not getting the terms clear ahead of time can cause you a real headache. When I first started using Craig's List to look for additional writing jobs I took a job and thought I had made the terms clear, did hours of work, turned it in and never heard from the poster again. I was very angry to say the least. So get your terms clear, and make sure it's in writing before you do any work. If you come across a scammer, report them to Craig's List. This is a great way to find supplemental writing income, even for beginners.

4. Blogging-Blogging and monetizing your blog is of course always an option. Blogger allows you to put Adsense ads on your blog and providing you can write on topics that are interesting to readers and surfers and you can build up a following then there is a decent chance that you can use blogging to supplement your income. While there are places that pay bloggers to place ads on their blogs or write a piece about a particular product, the pay is often low and if your blog looks as though it is full of these sorts of posts people will stop reading, so I don't personally recommend it. However, there is another option, there are companies that will pay you to blog on particular topics, and it is here that you can make better money, particularly if your topic is popular and your blog brings in a lot of readers. In that case companies will pay.

5. Consider writing fiction-There are a large number of small e-pubs now that are looking for excellent fiction in nearly every genre. Don't be fooled by those that say these publishers are only looking for erotica or erotic romance as it just isn't true. While you won't get rich going this route it is a nice way if you like writing fiction to relax and make a little money at the same time. Short stories and novellas are welcomed by most small e-pubs and it is just one more way to get your name out there when it comes to your writing. Another option with fiction is to self-publish and put your book on Amazon in their Kindle Store. Amazon makes the most sales for fiction authors, and while you can also make your books available on B&N, and Smashwords even, you will make the most money through Amazon.

These are the top five ways that I began my full-time freelance writing career. I'll admit that things were tight for awhile, but in the end it was worth it as it has allowed me to live my dream. My hope is that these sources help you to live yours.


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      annvans 8 years ago

      Great hub Regina, thanks for sharing this information as I am always looking for ways to make more money!