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Fun and Creative Marketing Techniques!

Updated on February 7, 2019
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I have been a freelance content writer for nearly 10 years. I mostly write for the business niche, but occasionally publish others.

Creative Marketing Techniques

One of the most important parts of a business is the marketing. The problem with this is finding effective techniques in which to advertise and market your business. You can do this by sitting down and brainstorming methods to bring attention to your website, or use some of the methods in the following list.

If your business is completely online, you may want to use a different method of marketing than if you had a physical location. However, if you have a physical business you may want to use a different technique of advertising than if you were an online business, although these days if you have a physical business it's a good idea to have a website as well.

Remember, this is only a short list compared to the possibilities of fun and unusual techniques that can be used to get your business noticed. Alright, on to the fun a creative marketing techniques your interested in learning about!

1. Advertise on Vehicles


You can use this fun marketing technique to advertise a business anywhere. Use your own vehicle, or pay multiple people to advertise your business on theirs!

Say you have a physical location, and an online store. You would not only benefit from local business, but potential online clients from any road trips the people may go on as well. If you have several people advertising your business on their car or trucks who go to events, drive around town, etc., they are going to be seen by many people.

There are many creative marketing ways to advertise on cars, including: door magnet, bumper stickers, window decals, body decals or even full body decals.

2. Pass Out Flyers & Brochures

This is one of the older marketing techniques, but it works and is not as common as it once was. Printing out flyers isn't very expensive, and this is something you can either do yourself, or pay a little for someone else to do for you. Good places to do this is locations such as stores with high daily traffic, such as stores and malls.

If you're handing out flyers to people that walk by, it will not take long to pass out a bunch of advertisement. If this sounds like it may be too expensive, ask yourself "what type of people would want the product?". For example if you're selling toys, hand the flyers to people with children. They is to target those who would more likely have an interest.

3. Door Hanger Ads

Another older marketing technique that can be used is placing door hanger advertisements. Imagine going to your door and seeing something hanging on the door, you're going to look at it right? The trick is to make your door hanger catch people's attention, this is good with a "SALE" or "Discount" offered on it.

Like above, if you are hanging them on every door around town, this could begin to get expensive quickly. You will need do a little research to find your target audience. You can look up the local census, among other methods to find out what area's have your target audience.


  • If you run a car dealership that's selling high class cars like BMW's you would probably benefit better by hanging them in a more wealthy neighborhood.
  • If you're selling swimming pools, you would likely look for area's that have young adults, or families that have children.

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4. Post on Social Media Sites

This one seems like common sense, but you might be surprised how many business's have yet to realize the marketing potential from this technique! Simply start an account on social media websites and fill out information about your business and update with posts about upcoming events, sales, etc.

Facebook for example, you could create a fan page and offer a limited time discount once you hit a certain amount of "fans" or "likes".

5. Hire a Sign Spinner

These types of marketing techniques are starting to become a little more known as "spinning", basically you are paying a person to go out to a busy intersection and hold, or spin a sign for people to read. They can stand there, spin the sign for attention, dance, etc. They're job is to draw attention to your sign.

Interested in knowing which sign holder is bringing in the most business? If you put a unique number on each sign for people to mention when they come in, you can record it. This is good for learning which locations are best.

For example: "Mention #32 for $32 off!".

6. Fundraiser to Raise Money for Charity

Sometimes people like knowing money they spend at a business is also helping people in need. You could do a fundraiser to raise money for charity, and you can do this in many ways. Check out this article for several fundraising methods.

1. Plan a food drive: Have people drop off one or more canned food products and get a coupon in return good for your business.

2. Have an interactive fundraiser: Get the word out that you are planning a fundraiser to raise money for charity, and get people to volunteer in chance of getting free products, or large discounts. For example, the fundraiser volunteers who raise the most money receives a free product or in store credit.

7. Collect Facebook Likes for Charity

Looking to increase your Facebook likes, or bring more attention to your web presence? You can raise money for charity using marketing techniques like this to increase your Facebook popularity. If you have a Facebook account for your business, announce that you will donate so much money for each "like" your page receives.

For example:

If you would like to donate $100 to a charity you could announce you will donate $1 for every "like" your fan page gets up to 100, or $0.10 per "like" up to 1,000 likes and get even more people involved!

8. Stationary

Alright you're probably thinking to yourself "this one is common sense", but you might be surprised how many businesses out there still do not take advantage of this these creative marketing techniques. In basic format these stationary has your business information: name, address, phone number, email and website if you have one.

The "creative" part however is the design of your stationary, this is where your business gets to have fun and experiment. Brainstorm, come up with several possible designs for your related area of business, choose one or all of the designs and see which of them people tend to like more. With this technique it's all about keeping the client interested enough not to toss it away when they get out of view.

Note: A good rule is to keep the same design on all the different types of stationary. This way, no matter if a person sees a business card or a person writing on a notepad they know right away that it's the same business.

9. Make Company T-Shirts for Your Business or Brand

This marketing technique is becoming more and more popular with businesses of all sizes. It gives your business the advantage to be creative and unique, while at the same time getting the work seen by multiple people over a long period of time. You may decide to go with a single design, phrase, or create many designs based around your business, and that's the fun part!

Unlike with the previous method, the designs of t-shirts can be unique. The only main part that should remain the same is the business name or logo. There are also several ways you can get your shirts out there, from selling them, to giving them away at events or as incentive prizes!

Note: The same goes for other products as well, hats, pens, if you sell beds maybe do it on a fleece throw (you get the idea).

10. Advertise on Someone!

These type of marketing techniques aren't very common, but that is what makes them creative. Instead of selling or just giving a shirt away not knowing when someone might wear it, you could pay people or offer big discounts if they wear a shirt for your company. There are plenty of people out there, especially with the job economy that could use a little extra cash and be willing to wear your shirt.

You can have fun with this as well, if you have multiple shirt designs, give them a couple different shirts and they can alternate days wearing them. You can request they wear the shirt(s) on certain days, walk around an event with it on and so on.

Note: If you want to be sure they are wearing the shirt, you can ask them to take pictures throughout the day when they are supposed to be wearing the shirt. This works best if they have the ability to take a picture with a time stamp on it.

11. Weird Discounts

This is another creative marketing technique your business can do. Instead of doing another boring "25%" off sale, make it more fun and creative by throwing a weird discount sale. This will bring more attention to your business because it's, well, different!


  • "I just had a baby, you get 25% off"
  • "Car got scratched, you get 10% off".

12. Have a Niche Discount

Start a niche discount, something that makes your company unique and memorable. These type of marketing techniques allow you to be creative, have fun and be unique enough for people to remember.


If you're the type of person that people have to work hard to make you laugh, you could use "Make me laugh within 2 minutes and you get 10% off" and that would become your niche.

13. Purchased Word of Mouth.

If you have a business then you know word of mouth is some of the best advertising out there, so use this to your advantage. Purchased word of mouth allows you to get creative, it lets you choose how person talks about your product. You might want them to just tell friends and family in their own words, or you may want to create phrase for them to say.

This is a great great technique because not only does word of mouth go on to the person they are talking to, but those in hearing distance may catch up on the product as well. Then what happens? Those people start talking about it!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Billy Haynes


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