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Functions of Management

Updated on September 8, 2009


Functions of Management 

The management process consists of interrelated yet distinct fundamental functions, namely:

1.       Planning

2.       Organizing

3.       Staffing

4.       Directing

5.       Controlling


The most basic function in the management process is planning. A plan is a predetermined course of action to facilitate the accomplishment of a task or work. It can be simple or complex, long-range or short range. There are certain basic steps that must be followed when planning:

1.      Set objectives.

2.      Analyze and evaluate the present conditions.

3.      Formulate alternative courses of action/strategies.

4.      Select the best solution.

5.      Implement the plan.

Characteristics of a good plan

1.      Plan must be flexible to give allowance to unexpected circumstances.

2.      Objectives must be specific, measurable, attainable and realistic.

3.      Plan must have appropriate strategies adoptable to any condition.

Kinds of Plans

1.              Standing plans - are plans used repeatedly and cover policies, procedure and rules.

2.              Single-use or single purpose plans - are not plans that are non-repetitious and are usually utilized within a short period of time.


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