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Paper Shredders - Functions, Types & Benefits

Updated on April 6, 2012

Paper Shredders - Functions, Types & Benefits

There is a noticeable increase among commercial and home paper shredders in the past few years.

Paper shredders were generally designed only for office use years ago.

These days, they're used at home or elsewhere wherein they can serve a purpose for. If you want to maximize your use of this equipment, it is important to learn about the types and functions of paper shredder.

One of the areas wherein the use of paper shredder has been seen at a considerable amount of expansion is in the field of identity theft.

This is a type of crime characterized by the use of another person's identity by one person in order to obtain money by using other's financial or personal information to make fraudulent transactions.

This form of crime is done in order to benefit the identity thieves or to steal money, which would result in the victim being subjected to a great amount of debt.

The use of paper shredders has made the lives of individuals very convenient today. You can use this device to prevent identity theft from happening.

Thus, you can destroy your important documents or other sources of data that have already served their purpose in such a way that they can't be accessed by other people.

The best solution for identity theft is to destroy the document with a paper shredder so the information it contains can be kept away from other people who could use it maliciously.

This also applies to other documents that contain vital information about the company and its operation, which is very essential in an office setting.

Today, there are a few common types of paper shredder available such as commercial, small office, home, and industrial paper shredders. Each comes with a unique set of purpose and function, as well as the amount of paper it can shred at one time.

The commercial paper shredder is one of the most popular among the various types and uses of paper shredder.

The main motivation for large companies for obtaining this device is to manage the large volume of documents that they had to sort or organize on a regular basis. A paper shredder allows your employees to to productive in other tasks.

Thus, the uses of commercial type of paper shredder are very ideal in this situation.

It allows you to protect any crucial company information by shredding them into tiny bits of pieces. Plus, it can accommodate a large volume of papers in one loading, which saves you time and effort.

There are also heavy duty types of paper shredders that are not just limited to paper since it can also cut out plastic and cardboard materials.

You can simply feed the material into the machine and let it do the work while you do something else.

Paper shredders are very convenient machines to prevent identity theft.

Paper Shredders Cutting Types

1. Basic Strip-Cut Paper Shredder Type

2. Confetti Paper Shredder Type

3. Crosscut Paper Shredder Type

4. Granulator Paper Shredder Type


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    • mr-veg profile image

      mr-veg 4 years ago from Colorado United States

      Paper Shredders are really useful to destroy sensitive information which can cause havoc if it falls in wrong hands !! Good one Nelly !!

    • profile image

      CeavaWedo 4 years ago

      When i accustomed to get high on lifestyle however as of late We have established the amount of resistance.

    • profile image

      Jeff_McRitchie 6 years ago

      This is a great introduction to paper shredders. Thanks for posting it!