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Fundamentals of Financial Management Solutions Manual

Updated on June 24, 2011

Van Horne: Fundamentals of Financial Management

A sensible preface to comprehending managing the finances of companies in today's swiftly shifting business environment. This book helps you in the financial decision making procedure and the study of value formation, the new 13th version expands to a more global extent and establishes innovative subjects into the discussion. Present deliberations on corporate governance, ethical quandaries, globalization of finance, strategic alliances plus the expansion of outsourcing have been supplemented with illustrations and boxed features to assist in comprehending and providing a more worldwide viewpoint of financial management. The textbook is chiefly compatible to preliminary courses in financial management, for a professional prerequisite and as a reference for people already in the field. This textbook is part of the recommended reading-list for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and for Certified Management Accountant assessment.

Fundamentals of Financial Management Instructors Manual

At the present I am working in the Finance field where I am managing Capital Budgeting". When I went to university, this textbook was the renowned and highly regarded one but I never knew why. However, after working in the actual work environment, I have come to realize that this textbook is indeed useful for corroborating my finance comprehension as well as grasping any areas I did not know in the past.

For the novice student, I would like to highly advocate the solutions manual or instructors manual which is very useful in class and helping you further understand the concepts as many instructors are terrible at explaining this ideas in the short timeframe of a class setting.


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