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Mary Kay Director in Qualification Journey

Updated on February 5, 2015
Me! (in the red jacket) and my awesome director Ashley!
Me! (in the red jacket) and my awesome director Ashley!

Newest Edition To The MK Career Car Fleet

BMW 325i!   Directors can earn the use of this car in 2015!!!
BMW 325i! Directors can earn the use of this car in 2015!!! | Source

Cute video.. Reminds Me of ME!

My Latest Bling from the Company!

From day one I have earned jewelry and prizes I would never buy for myself!  These sparkly beauties came in the mail last week!
From day one I have earned jewelry and prizes I would never buy for myself! These sparkly beauties came in the mail last week!

Take a trip on the Companies Dime

Top Director Trips are absolutely possible!
Top Director Trips are absolutely possible!

Mary Kay The Right Business For Me!

Yes I signed up and be came a Mary Kay Consultant. I had been looking for a source of income that did not include punching a time clock, praying for a decent tip or continuing to piece together 2 or 3 part time jobs at one time. A friend had a party, I went expecting to buy some cleanser and a lip gloss within 2 weeks I was at a unit meeting with 50 woman I didn't know wondering what the heck I got myself into.

First I was judging everything about the Mary Kay company based on what I knew about it from the 80's and 90's. I went on some website of mostly disillusioned woman talking about the scam Mary Kay is and figured I was going into a pyramid scheme. However something about the women at the meeting made me rethink my choice. The first thing I noticed was the diversity of the room. I was expecting a group of really tall beautiful high maintainence looking girls right out of the movies. Instead I saw grandmotherly types, young bubbly stay at home mom types, sharp dressed professional woman, shy woman with little make up, sporty woman, white woman, black woman, hispanic woman, asian woman and one man!

Throughout the evening one woman after another was celebrated applauded, cheered and the only women I actually knew broke down in tears. She had become a director for Mary Kay and her whole family was there to celebrate her new position with the company. She is actually MY director today. That night I realized if I kept pre-judging and didn't take a risk on something I might never change my situation. I took a leap of faith with no proof that it was even worth it!

That was Late October 2011... Since then I have thrown myself into training, organized a home office, booked facials, booked classes interviewed woman, shared the opportunity, delivered product, made goodie bags, raised money for charity, set up booths at events and pretty much changed my entire life. Oh and I should mention that my skin looks better then it EVER has! My adult acne is finally GONE!!

Last Month I sat down with my director and we looked at how far I had come. My customer base had grown to over 100 and I had 10 sweet, smart, kind woman on my team who had joined for many reasons and on their OWN terms. Some chose to carry an inventory of products and jump right in on a full time basis, others chose this as a fun way to meet other woman or network, another chose to do it part-time to raise money for a trip to Disney with her family. The woman were as diverse as their reasons!

I made the choice to enter into a Qualification process known as Director in Qualification. It is basically a test to see how strong a leader you are going to be and how efficient you are at working this business based on the business and marketing plan. The plan which is actually taught at Harvard Business School I might add! My team has been working with me every step of the way! Last month our first month of qualification we actually surpassed our goals! They are working, making money and growing a business that is all their own, I mentor them, support them and in turn grow myself! It is exciting.

Over the past few months I have learned valuable time management skills, financial responsibility, customer service skills, marketing and personal growth! The training I receive from Mary Kay is top notch and it is all free. I just have to make the time, keep motivated and be intentional everyday.

If you knew me you would understand that the last thing I ever thought I would be doing is teaching woman about skincare, dancing around with other woman at a meeting, cheering on my fellow consultants and getting all weepy over the prizes I can win but these days we all deserve a chance to make our dreams come true! This is the path that has been laid before me. Before Mary Kay I only wore makeup to weddings and I was washing my face with whatever was on sale at Target. Most of my friends were guys and the girlfriends I had were more into the natural look like me. I still am but now I can let my girly side out a bit more often and have fun! Plus get paid!

I am looking for fellow smart, fun woman to get excited about their future and learn how to make that happen! With Mary Kay I can have team members from all over the country and I do! I have team members all along the East Coast and one who is moving out west. We would love to have you. What ever you decide figure out what inspires you, what makes you leap out of bed each day and GO DO IT!



We are now in our 4th and FINAL month!!! Holy Cow! It has been so exciting mentoring this amazing group of woman (and MEN) all the way to the top!! Plus we are only a few points away from being a car unit!! If you would like to join a unit that is going all the way like My Facebook Page! and I will schedule a business chat with YOU!


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This is a very inspirational page! I'm so excited about Mary Kay!

    • profile image

      ashley alexander 

      6 years ago

      OMG Jacquie! You brought tears to my eyes! You need to post this on our unit page. So grateful for you and your journey! You inspire me!

    • ecomama profile imageAUTHOR

      Jacquie The Underground Goddess 

      6 years ago from NC

      Hey you! Thank you so much for your encouraging words! You are a little bias I would say since you are my Northeast team member! Go help save someones skin! lol

    • profile image

      Carolyn S 

      6 years ago



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